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Apu, assault on the Super Cup – Messaggero Veneto

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Apu, assault on the Super Cup – Messaggero Veneto

Friday of passion for the Apu Old Wild West, which today at 6.45 pm faces San Severo at the Unieuro Arena in Forlì in the Supercoppa semifinal. An event to win, even if the seasonal goal is promotion, if only to try again the pleasant feeling of lifting a trophy.


Twelve Juventus players left for the Milano Marittima retreat. In addition to the ten seniors used in the Super Cup and the Under Fantoma, there is Briscoe. The definitive decision regarding the use of the American winger will be taken at the end of the training session that Udine will take place this morning in Ravenna, but it goes towards an exclusion. It is not a rejection, but a decision of common sense: first of all because the other seniors are more advanced in the condition and have deserved the Final Four on the field, then because two potential games within 24 hours would expose Briscoe to the risk of injuries.


Today, more than ever, a game to be won in defense is being played. Boniciolli repeats after each game how important it is to keep the opponents around 60, so far the average of the points conceded by APU is 65, while the points scored per game are 76. Very similar figures for San Severo, which has collected on average 66 points and scored 73.

Another figure to take into account is that of the men employed so far. Udine rotates ten, with well-balanced minutes in all roles, San Severo has so far used eight men for at least 18 minutes per game, plus another two for 12 minutes. Rather deep rosters on both sides, the difference will have to make the quality: the APU has Mussini in great shape and a Nobile tactical weapon always reliable, as well as classy men like Gaspardo and Mian. It is they, together with the Sherrill top, who have to drag the black and white team.

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San Severo is not a team of great appeal, but woe to underestimate the Apulians, who together with APU are the only ones to have reached the semifinals by winning all the games. Forget the May play-off challenge, the gialloneri have made a clean sweep. The team coached by the former Eurobasket Roma Damiano Pilot has a more classic structure than the atypical one that put Udine in difficulty on his field. Fabi and his companions alternate with external play (36% from three) and internal play, taking advantage of the long Lupusor, Cepic and Daniel. The latter, in particular, will be a difficult customer for Cusin and Pellegrino, expected at the first real crash test of the season. The achilles heel of the gialloneri is to be found in the turnovers: an average of 15.5 in the first four games.


The semi-finals Udine-San Severo and Cantù-Cremona are broadcast in live streaming on LnpPass, on the website of the National Basketball League, upon subscription of a specific subscription. Anyone wishing to go to Forlì to follow the Apu can buy tickets in advance on the website www.ticketmaster.it.

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