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Apu, the push of the Friulians to get off to a good start in the Super Cup

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The official season of the Old Wild West begins in Mantua (at 8 pm). The team allowed itself to be embraced by the fans in Piazza Libertà

UDINE. The push of the Friulians for the Apu Old Wild West which opens the 2021/22 season with the debut in the Super Cup. For Antonutti and his teammates it was a special eve, for what everyone hopes will be a triumphal year.


The Juventus team took a bath in the crowd in the late afternoon yesterday in Piazza Libertà, flanked by the women of the Women Apu. Almost a sort of baptism for this combination of men’s basketball and women’s basketball in Udine, signed in the middle of summer.

At the end of the presentation, the Apu Old Wild West went to the Metropolis, home of the Apu On Tour with the distribution of the free t-shirts, for a quick group dinner. In the evening everyone on the bus headed for Mantua, where this morning the team will perform a finishing session in view of the 8pm match with the Stings hosts.


With the Anglo-French “coin player” Lautier-Ogunleye in place of Lacey, the Apu Old Wild West today starts playing for the two points. The Super Cup is not a goal to be grasped at all costs, but the idea of ​​starting to put a trophy on the bulletin board, moreover after a season with two lost finals, teases the Udinese company a lot. So let’s expect a real match and great commitment, after all, the APU has never snubbed this competition: in the previous two editions in this format, it has always centered access to the Final Eight.

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The Sting Mantova of the confirmed coach Gennaro Di Carlo present themselves at the start of the season with a deeply renewed roster. The former on duty Riccardo Cortese is one of the few confirmed, among the new faces we find that of the center Antonio Iannuzzi, ex Napoli faced last year in the Italian Cup finals and play-offs, in addition to those of the guard Martino Mastellari (from Orzinuovi), the playmaker Marco Laganà (from Biella) and the center Beniamino Basso (from Ferrara).

The foreigners are the play-guard Vojislav Stojanovic, protagonist a year ago of a flash appearance with Fortitudo Bologna, and the winger Hollis Thompson, arriving from the Dominican Republic championship. The seasonal goal is a salvation without worries, for tonight’s match the prediction hangs on the side of Udine.


On the eve of the match, the “senator” of the Juventus locker room, Vittorio Nobile, spoke: «We prepared for this appointment with the fighting spirit that has become the trademark of our team. Last year we did a good job on this footprint and we want to carry this idea forward.

We face a physical team, which in recent years has always done well in leagues. I expect a good team test, the new Apu has blended well, perhaps even better than last year, given that the backbone of the group has remained. Precisely for this reason we started with that momentum that can help newcomers to settle in ».


The match between Stings Mantova and Apu Old Wild West takes place at 8 pm at the Grana Padano Arena in Mantua, live on Udinese TV and streaming on the website www.udinesetv.it.

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