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Archers of the Piave … target Eight podiums on the home field

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There were 200 yesterday at the regional Targa 2021 Olympic and Compound championships For the Bellunesi 2 overall medals, 5 category (with a gold) and one team medal


200 archers from all over the region at the “Luigi Tormen” field in Limana. And the organizers of the Arcieri del Piave crown the two days of competitions by hitting (it is appropriate to say it …) several excellent placings, obtaining overall two medals among the Absolutes, five class (including a gold) and one team . By the way, collective titles were established only with class scores, due to Covid the dispute of the usual collective direct clashes was not allowed. The event was valid as a 2021 regional license plate championship, both Olympic and Compound. In the Olimpico, several class podiums. For example, Elis De Nardin wins among the Masters, with Valeria Sacchet third and Marzia Broggio fourth. For just one point Gloria Barnabò remains detached from the first in the standings, thus finishing second among the Junior, while in the same category Tommaso Tormen is third among the males. Fourth also Giacomo Roccon in the Senior, then gradually all the others. In the Absolutes, where the first eight positions are determined by direct clashes, the fourth and fifth place for Barnabò and De Nardin for women are to be recorded, and the fifth for Tormen for men. But Matteo Susana shines in a particular way: the young man from Belluno is fourth in class among the Boys and above all according to Assoluto Ragazzi, with the only regret of the final lost against Botter of the Decumanus which in any case does not detract from the great race held. Finally, first the team of the female Master. Moving on to the Compound, the author’s performance is by Edoardo Barnabò. Second among the Juniors, he makes a great impression on the Absolutes finishing third.

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“Fortunately this year we were able to organize this regional event”, explained Efrem Mazzucco, president of the Arcieri del Piave, “we actually had to host it a year ago, but then the pandemic led to the postponement. It is a pleasure to have had about 200 archers from all over the Veneto region here in Limana, for a competition that among other things was giving away points useful for qualifying for the Italian championship ».

From the point of view of the management of the event, «it is never easy to prepare everything being still in the Covid period, but it is good for athletes and for sport to find themselves competing after the lockdowns. Among other things, we can say that they were the general rehearsals in view of the beginning of September, when in Nevegal we will organize the regional championship of the field shooting specialty. A very spectacular competition mode ».

Individual rankings Arco Olimpico.

Senior Male: 1. Sandro Casagrande (Castello) 303 points; 4. Giacomo Roccon 298; 5. Efrem Mazzucco 294.

Female Master: 1. Elis De Nardin 296; 3. Valeria Sacchet 252; 4. Marzia Broggio 226.

Junior Maschile: 1. Marco Zaghis (Franks) 314; 3. Thomas Tormen 298.

Junior Female: 1. Francesca Frison (San Marco Stigliano) 277; 2. Gloria Barnabò 276.

Students: 1. Francesco Zaghis (Franks) 329; 9. Aaron From Pos 273.

Boys: 1. Davide Marcoaldi (Sagittarius) 317; 4. Matthew Susana 309; 8. Mattia Mazzucco 290.

Very young: 1. Gaia Stevanato (Ronin); 5. Matilde Mazzucco 218.

Absolute Senior – Junior Male: 1. Marco Zaghis (Franks); 5. Thomas Tormen; 9. Giacomo Roccon; 11. Efrem Mazzucco.

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Absolute Senior – Junior Female: 1. Chiara Compagno (Sagittarius); 4. Gloria Barnabò; 5. Elis De Nardin; 13. Valeria Sacchet; 18. Marzia Broggio.

Absolute Boys: 1. Thomas Botter (Decumanus); 2. Matteo Susana.

Arco Olimpico team rankings.

Female Master: 1. Archers of the Piave (De Nardin – Sacchet – Broggio) 774 points.

Compound Arch rankings.

Senior Male: 1. Alex Zanardo (Castello) 345 points; 4. Andrea Fagherazzi 340.

Senior Women: 1. Laura Borella (Sagittarius) 330; 5. Giulia Tormen 314.

Junior Maschile: 1. Alessandro Bombana (Archers of Cangrande) 347; 2. Edward Barnabò 339.

Male Absolutes: 1. Alessandro Bombana (Arcieri del Cangrande); 3. Edoardo Barnabò; 7. Andrea Fagherazzi.

Absolute Female: 1. Andrea Nicole Moccia (Torresin); 12. Giulia Tormen. –

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