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Argentina: Messi, Lautaro and Di Maria overwhelm Jamaica

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Argentina: Messi, Lautaro and Di Maria overwhelm Jamaica

Seleccion wins 3-0 with a seal from Alvarez and a brace from Pulce in the second half. Toro plays for 56 ‘, Di Maria 78’, Correa enters the final. Dybala at rest like the Viola Gonzalez

Argentina with the wind in its sails and a Messi in “on fire” mode. After last Thursday’s walk with Honduras, Lionel Scaloni’s battleship gave an encore on the night against Jamaica, overwhelmed with an easy 3-0 in the last test before defining the list of 26 players for the worldwide expedition. Challenge without history at the Venue Red Bull Arena in Harrison, where the albiceleste coach has allowed himself the luxury of experimenting by changing the squad for eight elevenths. Only three “Italians” on the field, with the Nerazzurro Martinez and the Juventus player Di Maria starting and substituted in the second half, while Correa enjoyed a segment of the match in the final. Alvarez scored the first goal after less than a quarter of an hour at the suggestion of Toro. Then two goals from Pulce, who entered the second half sparking the enthusiasm of the public, including that of an invader who challenged the strong security in a (vain) attempt to snatch an autograph. To seal yet another evening to be framed for the Albiceleste, also the announcement of the renewal of Scaloni until 2026.

Argentina show

The troop coached by Hallgrimsson inevitably acts as a sparring partner against a close-knit Argentina driven by the enthusiasm of 34 consecutive useful results, which become 35 at the end of the evening (two from Italy’s absolute record). Despite the numerous changes of Scaloni, a different form tried in the race (the 5-3-2 as a variant to the 4-3-3) and a Messi kept at rest for more than a time, the “Scaloneta” makes good and bad weather entertaining the audience. After the first 45 ‘there are nine occasions for Argentina, who then with Messi on the field will pack as many before the final whistle. The first after just 4 ‘, with Rodriguez, then immediately the advantage signed by Alvarez with a paw in front of goal on Lautaro’s assist, at the end of a textbook play seasoned by 28 consecutive touches. The result remains steady in the following 70 ‘only due to the numerous wastes in front of the goal defended by Blake, including two big chances for Toro and as many for Lo Celso. Then hurricane Messi hits Jamaica, capable of knocking out the entire opposing defense. The individual action that leads to the winning punishment from the limit at 89 ‘, after the first seal achieved at 86’, is the synthesis of the performance with which the Flea inflames the spectators: slalom in a handkerchief between three opponents, foul and left surgery from the edge, what is worth the 90th seal in albiceleste jersey.

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Little space for the “Italians”, also a result of Scaloni’s large turnover and the need to test some elements not yet certain of the final call. Among these is Dybala, who however (like the viola Gonzalez) Scaloni did not want to risk despite the green light from the Albiceleste medical staff. Joya’s world hopes, who have run out of minutes in these last two outings, thus remain linked to performances in the Giallorossi jersey in the next month. Who is sure of being part of the group of 26 is instead Lautaro, starting again this time to make a relay with Messi: good performance that of Toro despite the zero to the goal, but he still left the signature with an assist that is not at all trivial on the first goal by Alvarez. The good news for Inzaghi is that the Bull will come back fresh and energized after only putting a hundred minutes on his legs between Honduras and Jamaica. On the other hand, Di Maria has collected 78 minutes from the other “Italian” on the pitch, very lively and participatory in the first 45 minutes but in a waning phase in the second half. Only 12 ‘more recovery time allowed to Tucu Correa, who still tried to show off with two personal ideas before Messi stole the show with his magical one-two.

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