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Arnautovic from the spot and Bologna hooks Juve: Spezia ko 1-0 after three rossoblù poles

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Corsair victory of Bologna beating Thiago Motta’s Spezia at the Alberto Picco stadium. Three very important points for Sinisa Mihajlovic who rises to 21 in the standings. Nothing to do for the Ligurians who, now, have only one point on the relegation zone. Bologna is dangerous in the first minutes of the game. At 10 ‘Arnautovic risks giving his team the advantage immediately: the Bolognese striker collects a long ball, comes face to face with Provedel, tries to overcome him with a valuable lob, but the ball ends up on the outside post. The Emilian team takes control of the game and, a few minutes later, has another opportunity to move forward in the result: Dominguez unloads on Barrow who goes to the conclusion. The goalkeeper of Spezia is attentive and blocks the ball. After the sprint start, Bologna lowers the pace and the match returns to balance at half an hour. Only in the final minutes of the first forty-five minutes of play, Bologna is one step away from the advantage. Mihajlovic’s team, however, must once again deal with bad luck. At 44 ‘, in fact, Soriano is served by Orsolini: cross in the center for Barrow who, with a first intention shot, hits the post. In the second forty-five minutes of play, Spezia tries to worry Skorupski: in the 57th minute Amian exchanges with Nzola and kicks from outside the area, finding the deviation in the corner of the Emilian goalkeeper.

Half an hour from the end, Mihajlovic’s team is once again unlucky. Provedel’s goal seems haunted: Arnautovic receives the ball in the area and serves Barrow who, after kicking, puts his hands in his hair for the third post hit. Two minutes later Arnautovic tries to drag his teammates by the hand: the Austrian’s conclusion, however, hits Nikolaou. The visiting team is a siege. At 68 ‘Svanberg also tries the shot from the edge: he touched the post to the left of Provedel. La Spezia’s response is entrusted to Nzola: the attacker exchanges with a partner and kicks with a sure shot towards the Emilian goal. The closure of Medel is providential, danger removed. At 72 ‘Maggiore puts in the middle a ball released by Soumaoro: the ball ends just above the crossbar. The turning point comes in the 81st minute, when Arnautovic takes a free kick deflected by Nzola with his arm. The Ligurian striker is booked and the referee Massimi assigns a penalty to Mihajlovic’s team. The number 9 appears on the spot and, with cynicism, beats Provedel and brings his team forward in the result. The Ligurian goalkeeper senses the side to which to dive, but fails to reach the ball. The last few minutes pass without any particular salient actions. The triple whistle decrees the 0-1 final.


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