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arriva il primo Master in Behavioral Design – Sport Marketing News

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arriva il primo Master in Behavioral Design – Sport Marketing News

In the increasingly competitive landscape of sports marketing, the integration of behavioral sciences represents a fundamental resource for achieving tangible and lasting results. The Master Behavioral Design for Sports Marketing is proposed as a unique opportunity for those who wish to deepen their skills in the sector, combining expertise in sports marketing with the application of the principles of behavioral economics.

The master Behavioral Design per lo Sport Marketing is a comprehensive program that offers students in-depth training in both sports marketing and behavioral economics.

Divided into modules covering a wide range of topics, the course provides students with the practical and theoretical skills needed to excel in this ever-evolving industry.

The key modules of the master:

Workflow: This module introduces students to the Hybensis method, a cutting-edge methodology that combines behavioral sciences with marketing and business management. Through case studies and hands-on simulations, students directly experience the power of advanced techniques to influence consumer behavior.
Playgorund per lo Sport Marketing: This module explores the application of behavioral economics to the context of sports business. Students not only gain a solid theoretical understanding of the fundamental principles, but also immerse themselves in practical projects that test them in the real world of sports marketing.

Distinctive elements of the Master:

Formula Coaching Smart: Private online lessons offer flexibility to students, allowing them to enjoy the training content according to their needs and availability.
Dedicated Online Tutor: Students receive personalized support from expert tutors throughout the course.
Application of Behavioral Marketing Design: Students learn to use advanced tools and methodologies to design marketing and brand management strategies based on the principles of behavioral economics.

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At the end of the training course, students will be able to successfully apply the knowledge acquired in the context of sports marketing and brand management, producing innovative solutions that exploit the principles of behavioral economics to obtain tangible and lasting results.

The Master Behavioral Design for Sport Marketing is the result of a dynamic collaboration between Accademiaec.com and a team of experts in the field of behavioral economics and sport business. Accademiaec.com, the Academy of Behavioral Economics, acts as a point of reference for the professional training of students, professionals and companies interested in the topics of behavioral economics.

The vision of Accademiaec.com is constantly evolving, with a careful eye on rapidly changing social and business paradigms. Through the experience and research of a team of experts, Accademiaec.com identifies the most effective methods and practices to fully exploit the potential of behavioral economics.

Il Master Behavioral Design per lo Sport Marketing offers a vast panorama of practical and agile tools, usable according to students’ needs, allowing them to quickly design personalized training paths. Through this collaboration, students acquire new skills that allow them to solve problems, make more effective decisions and implement innovative and effective business projects, marketing plans and communication campaigns.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that Sport Marketing News is the project’s media partner, helping to spread the knowledge and importance of the Master Behavioral Design for Sport Marketing in the sports business panorama. Thanks to this partnership, the Master benefits from greater visibility and resources to support students in their educational path and beyond.

For subscribers to our newsletter there is a special discount to be used by February 28, 2024.

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