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Arsenal made a good start and two 21-year-old teenagers stunned the audience – yqqlm

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Arsenal made a good start and two 21-year-old teenagers stunned the audience – yqqlm

Original title: Arsenal made a good start and two 21-year-old teenagers stunned the audience

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The opener of the 2022-2023 Premier League season kicked off yesterday at Selhurst Park in London, with Arsenal beating Crystal Palace 2-0 as a guest. Although the home team Crystal Palace did not suffer in the scene of this game, they still suffered a complete defeat, which also reflected the obvious gap between the personal ability of its players and the Gunners.

Compared with last season’s opener, Arsenal’s starting lineup only retains Ben White, Xhaka and Martinelli, and the other 8 have been replaced. After the transformation, it ushered in a new beginning with a new look.

The head coach of Crystal Palace is Vieira, a legendary figure in the history of the Arsenal team. Under his leadership, the team has shown good integrity in this campaign. The ratio of ball possession in this campaign is 56% to 44%, the shot is 10 to 10, the shot is 2 to 2, and the key pass is 8 to 7. Crystal Palace is dominant in the two statistics of ball possession and key pass. , the number of shots and shots on target are equal to the opponent. Under the premise that the total worth of the two sides is far apart, it should be said that Crystal Palace performed well in this campaign.

However, in the course of the game, Arsenal caused significantly more dangers to the opponent, and the individual combat ability of the players on the field was much stronger. The Premier League’s official selection of the best player in the game is Arsenal’s 21-year-old Martinelli. He responded to the new aid Zinchenko’s header in the 20th minute and scored with a header. In addition, he also created 1 goal. A good chance to break the door, 3 successful dribbles.

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Interestingly, Arsenal also has another player of the game, Saliba, who is also 21 years old, according to Sky Sports. Although Saliba only received 24.6% of the votes in the official best player selection, less than 38.8% of Martinelli’s 38.8%, but his statistics are extremely eye-catching – 100% success rate in dribbling, 100% success rate in battle %, 94% pass success rate, 7 clearances, 7 ball regains, 0 fouls, he passed 49 times and succeeded 46 times.

In addition, central defender Ben White completed 8 steals in this campaign, which is the highest number of steals in a single game in the Premier League for Arsenal players in the past three years.

In contrast, the Crystal Palace players were obviously at a disadvantage in the one-on-one match. The second goal they lost in the 85th minute was the “own goal” sent by Gei when he blocked the opponent’s forward Saka’s cross.

In this campaign, although Crystal Palace did not suffer from statistical losses and won face, Arsenal won the game, and it is reasonable to have a good start in the new Premier League season.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xu Yangyang

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