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Artioli shuts down the transfer market. «I stay safe in the Belluno Dolomites»

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Artioli shuts down the transfer market.  «I stay safe in the Belluno Dolomites»

He will stay, also because he has no desire to change shirts. Philip Artioli promises loyalty to the Belluno Dolomites, which continues to praise despite the efforts of this first part of the season.

By the way, the midfielder returned to training yesterday after a few days of rather high fever and on Saturday at 2.30 pm against Clodiense (the fan’s bus from Feltre, info on 366 682 3032) will be available.

Certainly not bad news, as he is one of the highest quality players in a squad who perhaps really needs to combine good feet with fighting spirit.

Filippo, how are we in physical condition?

«It was a tough form of flu, because for four days I had a fever of almost 40. Now I’ve started again, but I don’t think it’s a problem to get back in shape because until now I’ve never missed training or matches. Which is why I’m at your complete disposal.”

You missed the draw at Cjarlins.

«From the pictures I noticed that we had many opportunities available. We wanted to win, then unfortunately we ran into yet another unfortunate episode of this start of the season. Too bad that missed penalty, in any case we are on the right track ».

The period in which matches and market rumors must be managed begins. By the way, are you staying?

«I know of a few requests, but on balance I have not spoken to anyone and nor have I asked to go elsewhere. On the other hand, I feel good here and I want to stay, giving my all for a shirt and a general manager whom I have great respect for».

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You had already spoken well of Piazzi on other occasions in the past.

“I’m not changing my mind. Sure, from the outside it’s easy to criticize either the coach or the director regarding his choices of players. However, we players go on the pitch and in Piazzi’s case I continue to consider him a high-level figure, aware of the problems and strengths of the squad: in short, a high profile for the category. We simply had other expectations this season, but I’m convinced we’ll get out of trouble. If we find the right compactness, there is none for anyone».

Tackling Clodiense can be a potential great opportunity.

«I face this group for the first time, but they speak well of it as a reality. They are strong and equipped, but in reality the desire to give their all must always be there and not just against the big names. We only think about ourselves and about exploiting the opponents’ weaknesses, in order to succeed in our attempt to get the three points. There aren’t any unbeatable teams, I’d say that the league has spoken quite clearly up to now».

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