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Asd Fonzaso, continuous growth Excellent results in the Italian Cup

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The standard-bearer of the Feltre club is Mattia Scopel, from this year in the Elite competition “2021 will be the season of the restart, we aim to do well in every race”


There is great excitement in the world of orienteering in Belluno and, in particular, in Feltre. Asd Fonzaso started the season with a series of prestigious results in the first two matches of the Italian Cup organized a week ago in the Vicenza area. And now we look with confidence to a season that, Covid permitting, could reserve great satisfaction for the athletes of President Guido Parteli. The company founded in 2007 has consolidated over the years and now has about fifty members, about thirty of whom regularly participate in official events. Among the prominent athletes of the Fonzasino club there is the 2000 class Mattia Scopel (industrial engineering student in Trento) who is also one of the most active young managers of Fonzaso.

«We have come from a rather difficult year», Scopel does not hide, «because, due to the pandemic, there were very few opportunities to compete in 2020. This year we will need first of all to start again, from the smallest to the largest, trying to give our best in the races that will see us involved both at a regional and national level ».

In the two days of the Coppa Italia that opened the season, Scopel proved to be one of the main protagonists. Not surprisingly, in these days, the Feltre was engaged together with seven other athletes of the national team in the Moc Camp, a meeting in which, in addition to Scopel, also Riccardo Scalet, Francesco Mariani, Enrico Mannocci, Carlotta Scalet, took part. Caterina Dallera, Annarita Scalzotto and Alice Selem.

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«Personally it was wonderful to be able to compare myself with the best athletes in the world of this discipline», Scopel underlines, returning to the two days of the Cup, «also to see how far we are actually from them. In my opinion we are still a lot, but for me, who have come from many years of training, it was an honor to be able to face them. This year I compete for the first time among the Elite, after the transition from the Juniors. The objectives are different, starting with the Italian Cup, but I know that getting to the front will be difficult. We will see how the next tests will go, in the meantime. And then there are several important events in 2021, from the European Championships in Switzerland to the World Cup in Italy ».

In all this, Asd Fonzaso continues to consolidate itself as the main reality of orienteering in Belluno.

«Here this sport arrived a little later than in Trentino. Our company, for example, was only founded in 2007. We are lucky enough to find ourselves in a fairly strategic place, on the outskirts of Primiero and Belluno and, at the same time, close to the other provinces of Veneto. Thanks above all to the work of Guido Parteli and all the people who collaborate in training, in recent years we have always managed to bring new guys to give this discipline a future ». –

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