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Asian Figure Skating Open ends, Japanese players win men’s and women’s singles championships

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  (Beijing Winter Olympics) Asian Figure Skating Open ends, Japanese players win men’s and women’s singles championships

China News Agency, Beijing, October 16th (Reporter Xing Chong and Xu Pengpeng) “Meet in Beijing” Asian Figure Skating Open ended in Beijing on the 15th in all four small event competitions. Japanese players Yuma Kenyama and Mai Mihara respectively. Won the men’s singles and women’s singles champions, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics double skating runner-up, and the Chinese combination Sui Wenjing/Han Cong won the championship with 223.48 points, completing the first appearance of the Olympic season.

As an international test competition for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Asian Figure Skating Open has a total of more than 30 athletes from 9 countries and regions participating. International players compete in men’s singles and women’s singles.

In the men’s singles competition, Japanese player Yuma Kenyama, despite multiple icing defects in free skating, still got a high score of 179.98 with the technical difficulty of four quad jumps and won the championship with a total score of 277.78. Yuma Kaneyama is only 18 years old, has won the World Championship runner-up, and is very competitive in the Beijing Winter Olympics next year.

Another Japanese teenager, Hayao Sato, who was only 17 years old, won the silver medal with a free skating of 165.39 and a total score of 256.16. China‘s men’s singles top player Jin Boyang ranked third with a free skate of 139.07 and a total score of 224.09. Jin Boyang had been hospitalized for appendicitis before, and he admitted that the current state has not been restored to the best.

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The women’s singles skating championship and runner-up were also swept by Japanese players. After returning from injury, Mai Mihara won the gold medal with a total score of 203.58 points by virtue of her outstanding performance in free skating. Hanori Sakamoto, who ranked first in the short program, made several jump errors in free skating and finished second with a difference of 1.3 points. The third place was won by Su Yi, a young contestant from Hong Kong, China, with a total score of 155.65. Chinese players Zhu Yi and Jin Hengxin ranked 7th and 9th respectively.

Both the pair skating and ice dance events are participated by Chinese athletes. Chinese pair skating leaders Sui Wenjing/Han Cong have the strength to hit the gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics. They re-launched the 2016-2017 season song “Golden Bridge on the Sad River” during the Olympic season. This was the first time that they won the World Championships championship that year. The repertoire used on stage.

In the free skating competition, except for the defects in the three-week single jump and the three-week throw jump on the back inner point ice, the other movements were fluent and smooth, winning the championship with a total of 223.48 points. After the game, Sui Wenjing said that the first game was a bit too excited, and his physical fitness was slightly lower than after the short program, and overall he had not performed his best level. Regarding the goal of the new season, Sui Wenjing said frankly that he hoped to raise the national flag and play the national anthem at the Winter Olympics at his doorstep.

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Another pair of Chinese double skating main players Peng Cheng/Jin Yang’s free skating repertoire during the Olympic season is newly arranged based on the soundtrack of the movie “Night Banquet”. The entire program is well completed and won the silver medal with a free skating 130.27 and a total score of 196.68. In the ice dance event, the top combination of the Chinese team Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu won the championship.

Zhao Hongbo, the head coach of the Chinese National Figure Skating Team, said that through this competition, the team mainly reviewed the results of the team’s previous training. “There may be some small actions that are not at the level, but it is quite normal. The next thing to do is to dig out the details, find the problems, and prepare for the final sprint stage based on the problem.” (End)


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