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Asian Open Landing First Chinese Figure Skating Team Ushered in “Model Test” | China_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: Asian Open, the first Chinese figure skating team to usher in a “mock test”

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 13 (Reporters Zhang Han, Luo Xin, Pan Yi) The “Meet in Beijing” Asian Figure Skating Open will be unveiled at the renovated Capital Stadium from 14th to 16th. This is the first international event with a history of more than 50 years. The Chinese figure skating team will participate in the main lineup including Sui Wenjing, Han Cong and Jin Boyang.

As one of the “Meet in Beijing” series, the Figure Skating Asian Open is another comprehensive test of the figure skating venues and running team before the Beijing Winter Olympics, and it is also the pre-examination of the Chinese figure skating team. The last opportunity to practice on the ground.

As one of the stops of the International Skating Federation’s 2021-2022 Figure Skating Challenger Series, the Asian Open has attracted more than 30 athletes from 9 countries and regions despite not having the high specifications of the Grand Prix China Cup. Among them, the men’s singles skating and women’s singles skating have 6 teams each. It is a pity that only Chinese athletes will participate in the two events of pair skating and ice dance.

Chinese figure skating stars such as men’s singles Olympic athlete Jin Boyang, pair skating world champion Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, ice dance group Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, and women’s singles rookie Zhu Yi will all present their Olympic season repertoire in the first body. . As one of the few gold spots of the Chinese Winter Olympics, the preparation status of the main players of the Chinese figure skating team who had been dormant for the entire season due to the epidemic will be the focus of this competition.

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According to the schedule, four short programs and rhythm dance competitions will be launched on the 14th, free skating and free dance competitions will be entered on the 15th, and performance skating will be performed in accordance with international competition conventions on the 16th.


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