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At the Dakar 2023 with a 1986 Pegasus thanks to an announcement on Facebook: the story of Bautista

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At the Dakar 2023 with a 1986 Pegasus thanks to an announcement on Facebook: the story of Bautista

The Spaniard happened to find the truck which finished third in its category in 1986. After bringing it back to its original appearance, it will be at the starting line of the race in the Classic group

Federico Mariani

Being at the start of the Dakar is the dream of many enthusiasts. It has long been for Bautista Urbano Sancho. The Spaniard, a former driver and motor enthusiast, has always unsuccessfully pursued the idea of ​​participating in the most famous and demanding raid in the world. So it was until the most striking stroke of luck of his 60 years. In fact, thanks to an announcement on Facebook, he bought a Pegasus truck from the 1986 Dakar that will allow him to be at the start of the 2023 edition of the race. An incredible story to say the least, told to the Spanish newspaper Sports world.

the turning point for the dakar

Bautista had stopped dreaming of the desert race par excellence, dedicating himself to his family. However fate knocked on his door when the Spaniard decided to look for a means of transport for a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of El Rocio, in Andalusia. Browsing through advertisements for RV sales, he was struck by the familiar look of a vehicle. A winning intuition: behind the appearance of a simple truck, in fact, there was the Pegaso 7222 which finished the 1986 Dakar edition with Salvador Canellas in third place in its category. So, after being reassured about the vehicle’s history, Bautista didn’t hesitate to buy it. The big dream was becoming possible.

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working for the dakar

The Pegasus had been profoundly revolutionized after the farewell to the competitions. Used for long-distance journeys, the vehicle had three berths and two showers inside. Bautista’s plans were very different: after a restoration that lasted two and a half years, the truck was restored to its original appearance: “I put the truck in a corner of my metallurgical factory and practically spent 8 hours a day maintaining it ”, explains the Spaniard. A sacrifice rewarded by enrollment in the Dakar 2023, where he will participate together with co-pilot Christian Almansa in the Classics category.

surprise signature

Before embarking for Saudi Arabia, the opportunity arose to surprise Canellas, the former driver of the truck, who stamped his signature on the bodywork. Along with his autograph there will also be the logos of foundations engaged in various fields, from the fight against cancer to supporting children in need. Because, if nothing happens by chance, then it’s right to make one’s fortunes available to others, as Bautista explained.

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