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Atalanta Champions League show, 5 goals against Parma

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Atalanta’s race towards the Champions League does not stop in Parma. Against the formation of Roberto D’Aversa, already mathematically relegated to B, the Bergamo players play at a small trot and without too much effort collect the 21st victory in the championship. 5-2 the final result. Malinovskiy opens in the first fraction, Pessina and Muriel repeat in the second half and then the goal for Brunetta’s Parma; in the final still Muriel, another crusader seal by Sohm and in the recovery the last goal by Miranchuk.

Atalanta after 12 ‘is already ahead. Ilicic serves Malinovskiy in the middle, Grassi does not intercept and the Ukrainian left kicks at the net. The ball passes between Osorio’s legs, which he grazes with his calf and deflects into the corner to Sepe’s right. At 20 ‘another dangerous pass from Ilicic but Gosens, with his head, does not find the mirror of the goal. Same action less than two minutes later but this time it’s Sepe who stops the German player’s header. Sepe again stops Freuler’s shot from distance in the 29th minute, a powerful but central conclusion. At 31 ‘the ball is instead stopped by the crossbar. The shot goes this time Zapata who anticipates Osorio well but raises too much. At 40 ‘here is the first, weak, flash of Parma with Grassi, high ball but immediately the replica of Atalanta with still Zapata who, with a left foot, ends far away.

The second half begins with Gasperini who inserts Muriel and Pessina for Zapata and Ilicic and the change immediately bears fruit. At 7 ‘Pessina leads Atalanta to double on Muriel’s assist; angled shot for the midfielder but defense of Parma, including Sepe, very very slow. D’Aversa tries to change structure by removing Gervinho, not received, and Grassi. In their place Pellè and Valenti enter with the crusader defense that passes to three while forward a dialogue with neighbors Cornelius and Pellè himself. At 22 ‘there is a flash for the Emilians with Kurtic, with a conclusion deflected for a corner, but Atalanta is the absolute master of the field. At half an hour Djimisti touches the post to Sepe’s right, a minute later Muriel, on the other hand, makes no mistake on an assist from Pasalic, who has just entered the field. But the game does not end here, a turn of the clock and Brunetta, on a pass from Busi, puts on the net. The Argentine had entered the field a few minutes ago in place of Kucka. At 40 ‘another goal: Atalanta’s new thrust with Pessina, Sepe deflects on the post but on the rebound Muriel rushes into the net. The game is over, the Atalantine defense lowers the attention and Parma doubles with Sohm served in the area by Pellé. Gasperini is furious and Atalanta moves forward with Maehle but Sepe is there this time. The Parma goalkeeper makes the barricades in the 48th minute when he stops the shot twice but on the third shot he suffers the fifth goal. Author Miranchuk. Thus Atalanta wins, flying at an altitude of 72. Parma still suffers five goals. Little consolation to score two for a battleship in this championship.

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