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Atalanta transfer market, a trio for the wing: Doig, Zaynutdinov, Reis

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Atalanta transfer market, a trio for the wing: Doig, Zaynutdinov, Reis

The selection is up to Gasperini. The club already wanted to invest in that role in the summer: a sale could reopen the track

A poker of wingers in pink, but in the first of the four friendlies scheduled by Atalanta to get closer to the resumption of the championship (Friday Bortolotti Trophy in Bergamo against Eintracht Frankfurt) and probably also for the second (Friday 16 in Nice), Gasperini he will have only two available: Hans Hateboer and Brandon Soppy, net of Zortea and Ruggeri who are still destined for loan.

This is because Davide Zappacosta will probably still need a good month to finally get over the rectus femoris tendon injury that has kept him out — after a relapse — since September. And because Joakim Maehle, who came out of the World Cup with Denmark, will take ten days of vacation, returning on 12 December.

It depends on the offers

Of the four, the Danish is the one that in theory has the most market, even if he wasn’t very brilliant in Qatar. Even on his behalf, but it applies to everyone – at least all the “transferable” – in the next two months reasoning will be made for a possible outgoing movement, obviously in the presence of an interesting offer. Which would be listened to even if it came for Hateboer: it’s more complicated to receive proposals for Zappacosta, out in practice since last season (just two 45′ clips in this league). As for Soppy, he has just been bought for around 10 million (including bonuses): in line with the squad rejuvenation project, an investment also embraced by Gasperini despite playing more usually on the right. Which left the problem of the lack of a “natural” left-handed player in the squad unresolved.

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The three solutions

Not wanting to compensate by adapting Maehle and Zappacosta again, in theory the gap could be filled in January, perhaps in conjunction with a sale. And to be ready, Atalanta has already started its casting for some time: Doig, Zaynutdinov and Reis are the names monitored most closely. The first, a 20-year-old Scot, has been in Verona since last summer and made his Serie A debut against the Dea: very offensive characteristics, even in Hellas’ difficult moment, when he was employed he always impressed, so much so that he was even courted by Lazio, Naples and Bologna. Zaynutdinov would be a loser, but player reports have convinced Atalamta to follow him. Kazakh, 24, plays for CSKA Moscow, is a kind of wild card: born as an attacking midfielder, he is also used as a second striker, as well as as a full-back winger. The solution would be less prospective, but more “guaranteed”, would be Matheus Reis, 27, a Brazilian from Sporting Lisbon, with whom he has played 16 out of 19 matches so far between the league and the Champions League. He has a 40 million release clause, but the player is on loan from Rio Ave: an agreement would have to be studied.

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