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Athletic Soccer-Velletri: true luxury in a category to defend

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Athletic Soccer-Velletri: true luxury in a category to defend

Athletic Soccer Academy – VJS Velletri 03-04-2024 Lazio Promotion Group B. Midweek round

I had promised myself for some time to go and watch this match of the twenty-ninth matchday of the Lazio Promotion, entirely scheduled as a midweek round. So on Wednesday, despite recognizing the tiredness and laziness after work, the passion for football and the ultras movement pushes me to reach Prima Porta where the Roman club of the Athletic Soccer Academy is based. On the pitch at 4.00 pm the locals face the historic VJS Velletri: more than anything, the visiting fans bring me here, as warm as they are always present on every pitch that the Rossoneri shirt steps on, of which also – according to the you work” – a lot of good is said about it.

To avoid unpleasant surprises I leave with a good margin of advantage, arriving about forty minutes before kick-off, just five minutes before seeing 4-5 cars full of guest ultras arrive. I therefore understand that this is not the time to procrastinate and once all the necessary formalities have been completed, I am in the field. From a local manager, willing to answer all my curiosities, I learned of the recent foundation of the Roman team, formed just in 2012 from the ashes of the old ASD Atletico Flaminia. As happens more and more often in the modern era, the Sports Center called “Armata del Mare” does not only include the playing field of the first team but hosts several fields, including other sports and is served by a restaurant as well as a more predictable bar. The field where the first team plays is named after “Claudio and Andrea”, from my perspective from the green rectangle, which to be more precise is synthetic, I realize that the structure is very small although, all in all, welcoming, thanks to a cover that protects it from the rain and colored seats.

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The Velletrani ultras of the VOLSCA BAND they take their places in a corner of the stand with the local club which appreciably leaves the doors open, without demanding the payment of a ticket, as someone sometimes does in these categories, in those rare cases in which they can speculate on some visiting fans.

Being in a neighborhood of Rome there is no organized movement for the hosts, whose following are around twenty fans sitting calmly enjoying the match and the sunny day. The guests on the other hand, despite having nothing choreographic, put so much passion and voice into it, so much so as to make their team feel at home, even though their number is not sensational.

In the first part the Velletrani start off strong and the choirs, very powerful in intensity, are almost all centered on the accompaniment of hand clapping and range from the dry ones to the more elaborate and even original ones. After twenty minutes the team is already one goal down but it doesn’t matter to them, so much so that they continue to support the eleven on the pitch constantly until half time.

In the second half the choruses, although powerful, are less continuous, with some small pauses appearing, interrupted by handclaps. In the long run they regain consistency and their support for the team, they are rewarded in full injury time with the equalizing goal scored by the newly introduced Pansera, which explodes the visitors’ sector with which the scorer rejoices and shares the joy. Despite the few minutes of injury time remaining, VJS Velletri dives all the way forward in a desperate search for the winning goal that is worth the three points, but only manages to come close to it on a couple of occasions, before the referee’s final whistle which decrees the end hostilities by sending everyone to the changing rooms. The visiting players, however, hesitate, first moving under their own fans and applauding them to thank them for the encouragement they received.

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Unfortunately, this point does little to move their ranking which sees them still stuck in the play out zone, but the awareness and the advantage of having a fan base on their side which is a real luxury for the Promotion, can also be the extra weapon to get out of this situation. I go home satisfied with the choice made and promising myself to see the Velletrani again sooner or later at home too, since today it was really worth it.

Marco Gasparri

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