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Athletics – Model, engineer and more: who is Rocco Siffredi’s son?

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Athletics – Model, engineer and more: who is Rocco Siffredi’s son?

Leonardo Tano came out of his father’s shadow, at full speed: from the junior national team to the time that projected him among the top 30 (seasonal) in the world in the 60 hurdles

The life of the child of art has its pros and cons, depending on how you want to look at it. Of course, parents with an important pedigree help open some doors, but they also risk becoming cumbersome when something goes wrong and family etiquette becomes a burden that (badly) resists the passage of time, watering down the aura of the past. Sport is no exception, indeed it is one of the favorite territories of conquest for dynasties that last for several generations, protectors of a very secret knowledge that is passed on from father to son.

From the very Italian epic Maldini, who is living his newest page today, to the NBA champions, who between a Shareef O’Neal, a Zaire Wade and a Steph Curry, find in LeBron James Jr, for all Bronny, the maximum expression of weight of an important surname. The father is waiting for him: after the imminent goal of becoming the greatest scorer in the history of the League, he has already declared that, after this goal, he will have nothing to do but wait to see if his son will arrive in the NBA, just to the pleasure of playing at least a year with him. Do we have any pressure? And yet, although being “the son of” is not easy in any discipline, art or profession, it is even more difficult to try to establish oneself in an environment different from that of the famous ancestor, still carrying with him all the relevance of his generalities. In short: the child of art in the strict sense has both to lose and to gain from a father or mother who was a champion, but the progeny of a celebrity, who launches into a completely new sector, has much more risks what advantages. For confirmation, you could call the Springsteen house on the intercom, where Olympic silver was not enough for Jessica to stop being the Boss’s daughter. Or to Joakim Noah, who despite his great career in basketball, in the collective imagination will always be second to his legendary tennis player father; or maybe ask John David Washington, who despite a good football career, will live forever in Denzel’s shadow.

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Even Italy, in recent weeks, is discovering a sui generis child of the art, who perhaps, in the face of public opinion, has perhaps the most complicated task: Leonardo Tano. Rocco Siffredi, from whichever side you want to tell it, is a symbol of Italian spirit, one of our most famous and recognizable compatriots in the world. His art, or craftsmanship, if you prefer, is among the most peculiar of all, and only in the last twenty years, or so, has it come out of the dusty backrooms of video rentals, to enter pop culture by right. . Being a porn actor today is certainly not a taboo, on the contrary, if you’re good it ensures you a high rate of media recognition, even in a country like ours, where the subject is still often treated in a trenchant way. However, let’s imagine that it must not have been easy for little Leonardo to try to make his way into sport, bringing with him the burden of so much fame, which in addition to that of his father, also adds up to the career of his mother, Rozsa Tassi, who with Rocco, along with life, he also shared the set. An enormous, universal and also very specific fame, on which everyone, we imagine, legitimately or not, has an opinion.

Born in 1999, Leonardo is managing to be talked about for his sporting merits and no longer just for his high-sounding origins. And this is all thanks to him and, perhaps, even a small liberation. The couple’s youngest son, a graduate in mechanical engineering and part-time model, he is finally reaping results also in athletics, the true passion of a lifetime. After having been part of the Hungarian junior national team for a long time, with which he took part in the European Youth Olympic Festival, he has become a good hurdler, who in the past did not disdain a few visits even in the high jump. His latest tests have turned the spotlight on him, stimulating our local insiders, forced, perhaps for the first time, to carefully evaluate his sporting performance. The 7”79 course at the Palaindoor in Ancona, distance 60 meters hurdles is very recent: a respectable time trial, not far, for example, from Franck Koua’s 7”70, recorded in Torun two years ago. And even if the Italian record holder Paolo Dal Molin is still far away, it is not impossible to predict for Tano an entry into the top 10 blue all-time distance, especially if he were to continue to improve. Meanwhile, the weather is among the best 30 of the international season, and more than anything else, perhaps, it is giving the good Leonardo a bit of visibility all of him, without asterisks, without premises and without murmurs.

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