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ATP Finals: Djokovic lost only three games and beat Nori into the semi-finals against Zvi Jr.

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Original title: ATP Finals: Djokovic lost only three games and defeated Nori into the semi-finals against Zvi Jr.

Sohu Sports News In the early morning of November 20th, Beijing time, the 2021 season men’s tennis ATP year-end finals continued in Turin, Italy. In the last match of the green group, the top seed Djokovic, who had already qualified in advance, continued to perform well. Lost three games and swept the British player Nori 6-2/6-1. He advanced to the top of the group stage with three wins. In the semifinals, he will face German star Zverev Jr.

Serbian king Djokovic reached a new peak of his career this season, winning back-to-back three Grand Slam titles in the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. In addition, he also created the world’s first ranking in the week, surpassing Federer, and chasing the number of Grand Slam titles. Ping Fener, the seventh year-end first surpassed Sampras, 37 Masters champions surpassed Nadal’s many feats. In this year-end finals, Djokovic is aiming for the sixth crown. The first two consecutive rounds of the group stage wins Rudd and Lublev to lock the semi-finals early. In the final round of the group stage, Djokovic faced British player Norri. The latter had the Indy Masters championship this season. The finals played as a substitute for Sisipas who retired after the first round. The first game was reversed by Rudd 1-2. , This game is the first match between Djokovic and Norri.

In the first set, Norri, who took the lead to serve, entered the state slightly. As soon as Djokovic’s high-quality service received and continued to squeeze his opponent, Djokovic scored a continuous break point of 40-15, and then a 29-beat long multi-beat stalemate. , Djokovic made continuous extreme saves and finally forced Norri to make a backhand mistake to hang the net. Djokovic took the lead in breaking serve and took a 1-0 lead. After that, the game entered the rhythm of their respective guards, and Djokovic had a 3-1 break advantage in hand. In the fifth game, Nori missed a straight serve. Djokovic broke serve with 4 points in this game. After that, he withstood the constant impact of his opponents and won the first set with 6-2 consecutive guarantees.

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In the second set, Djokovic still had a strong impact on the opponents in the first game. After the score reached 40-40, the score was tied at 40-40. After a long stalemate, Germany and Djokovic came to the net. Rescued, Nori then took the opportunity to backhand the ball and sent a break point in the second half. Then the bottom line against Lazhong Nori was shot and lost the game. The Djokovic in the second game resolved a break point and completed a 2-0 lead. . In the fifth round, Djokovic got a break point opportunity again. After Nori resolved a break point, Djokovic scored a stalemate and scored a straight line to win again. After getting the break point, Nori put a short ball in front of the net and Dejo rushed to the forehand to complete the break. Nori, who was behind by a big score, had no intention of fighting. In the seventh inning of this match, the must-have serve, the Djokovic picked a straight line in front of the net to get the first point, and then forced a 40-0 continuous break point, which was also the match point. Lost the game after saving two break points, and the 6-1 Djokovic won the second set.

In the end, Serbian king Djokovic continued to be in good shape, 2-0 victory over Nori for the 10th time in his career and broke into the semi-finals of the year-end finals. The whole game took only 66 minutes. In the game, Djokovic completed 5 ACES balls without double errors, and Norrie had 1 ACES ball with 2 double faults. The first serve success rate was 68% and the first serve scored 81%. Far ahead of the opponent. There were only 9 of the 21 Nori completed in the German treaty as the winning points, and the unforced error was 16-24 lower than the opponent. In the break, Noli only got one break chance but failed to fulfill it. The German treaty was 10 break points and 5 breaks.Return to Sohu to see more

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