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ATP Finals: Zvi Jr. beats Hulkach 2-0 to enter the semifinals and will face Djokovic

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Original title: ATP Finals: Zvi Jr. beats Hulkach 2-0 to enter the semifinals and will face Djokovic

Sohu Sports News On the evening of November 18th, Beijing time, the 2021 men’s tennis ATP year-end finals continued. In the final round of the red group, the third seed Zverev performed well, 62/6- 4 defeated Polish star Hulkach in straight sets, broke into the semi-finals for the third time, and will face Djokovic next.

The German star Zverev has made significant progress in the last two seasons. Last season, he broke through the quarterfinals in the Grand Slam, and the Australian Open reached the semifinals and the US Open reached the final. Although Zvi did not continue to break through in the Grand Slam this season , But the Masters won the fifth championship and continued to top the new generation, in addition to the Tokyo Olympic champions. In the finals of this station, the small Zvi received Berrettini’s retirement gift in the first round, and lost to Medvedev 1-2 in the second round. In the last round of the group, Zvi met Hulkach, who won the Miami Masters this season, and Wimbledon also reached the semi-finals. His first trip to the finals was mediocre, and he lost to May in the first two rounds. Dvedev and Sinner lost their qualifications early. The two have only played against each other once before. In 2019, the small Zvi won a 2-1 reversal in the Madrid match. Only when the small Zvi wins can he have a chance to compete for the qualifying seat.

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In the first set, Hurkaqi, who served first, entered the state slowly. In the first game, he sent 0-40 consecutive break points with consecutive errors. Hurkaqi was struggling to save a break point. After that, he shot the offense and dropped out of bounds. In the first game, the small Zwei took advantage of the opportunity to secure a 2-0 lead. In the third game, Hulkach was still in low mood and made frequent mistakes. Once again he sent 0-40 consecutive break points. Little Zvi received a high-quality serve impact. After Hulkach served, he was shot out of bounds and lost the game. , Little Zwei continued to maintain a 4-0 lead. Hulkach’s serve condition improved slightly after the big score, and he completed two consecutive guarantees but was unable to launch a counterattack. Zweibao scored 6-2 to win the first set.

In the second set, Hulkach’s serving state recovered significantly in the opening stage. The first two serving rounds easily completed the guarantee. Little Zvi maintained a stable state as always, keeping up with the opponent’s reserve rhythm and the score reached a 2-2 tie. . In the sixth game, Zvi Jr. served a 40-15 lead and wasted the game points. Hulkach received the serve for the forehand to attack the backslash and the winning point came to a 40-40 tie. Then Jr. Zvi continued to serve with high quality to complete the serve. 3-3 level. In the seventh game, Zvi Jr. squeezed the opponent with a high-quality serve. Hurkach turned into a straight line and sent a break point. Under pressure, Hurkach made a straight line attack to resolve the break point and scored 4 consecutive serve points. -3 leads. In the ninth game, Zvi Jr. continued to attack. Hulkaqi repeatedly dropped out of bounds and encountered consecutive break points. After the serve scored to save a break point, he once again lost the game with a backslash out of bounds. Wei’s serve won the game and successfully secured a 6-4 win in the second set.

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In the end, the German star Zvi Jr. defeated Hulkach in two straight sets and defeated Sina to successfully advance to the semi-finals of the finals. For the third time in his career, he reached the semi-finals of the finals, and then he will face Djokovic. The whole game took 62 minutes. In the game, both of them completed 11 ACES goals without double errors. The first serve success rate was 77% and the first serve scored 86%. Both were ahead of the opponent, and the winning point was slightly 22-20. Leading, Zvi Jr. had only 8 unforced turnovers, while Hurkacs had 20. In the break point, Hulkach didn’t get a break opportunity in the audience, while the small Zvi completed 3 breaks with 7 break points.Return to Sohu to see more


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