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Aubameyang nightclub party with new crown positive Altat is completely disappointed in him_Gabon_Arsenal_Pandemic prevention

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Original title: Aubameyang clubbing new crown positive Altat was completely disappointed in him

Aubameyang has become a problem player for Arsenal. After being severely dealt with by Arsenal for violating discipline, the conflict between Aubameyang and the gunner was completely activated. Today, Aubameyang, who has returned to the Gabonese national team, has not yet assured Arsenal. The BBC, ESPN and other media all broke the news that Aubameyang was partying in a nightclub with his teammates during the national team training without any anti-epidemic measures. Now his new crown has tested positive, and Arsenal coach Arteta treated the Gabonese. The forward has been completely disappointed, and the door to leave the team has been opened for him.

The African Cup is about to open, and Aubameyang will return to the Gabonese national team to participate in preparations. However, Aubameyang has now tested positive for the new crown, and fans discovered that Aubameyang was partying with friends in a nightclub a few days ago without any anti-epidemic measures. According to sources, Aubameyang tested positive for the new crown after arriving in Cameroon. He was photographed while partying in a nightclub in Dubai. The Gabonese were very excited at the time. He was twisting his body to the rhythm of the music. In addition to Aubameyang, Nice midfielder Le Mina has also been infected with the new crown, which is likely to be related to their participation in gatherings in violation of the epidemic prevention regulations during the training camp in Dubai. Starting on January 11, Gabon will play Comoros, Ghana and Morocco in the African Cup group stage.

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For Aubameyang’s repeated violations of discipline, Arsenal coach Arteta has been completely disappointed. ESPN said that Arteta has become tired of Aubameyang, who is constantly in scope for team discipline. Arteta believes that Aubameyang has not set a good example for other players, and the Gabonese lack the commitment and passion to play for Arsenal. Because of this, Aubameyang was told to stay away from other teammates and train alone, and was allowed to join the Gabonese national team a few days in advance to prepare for the African Cup. However, Aubameyang was partying with friends in the nightclub during the national team training.

“Sky Sports” said that Arsenal have opened the door for Aubameyang to leave the team, and they will seriously consider the outside world‘s offer to Aubameyang and do not rule out the winter window to let the Gabonese leave. The so-called lack of embarrassment, Aubameyang has not been included in the team’s squad since he was deprived of the captain’s armband due to disciplinary issues. He has missed a total of 6 games. In these 6 games, Arsenal only lost to Manchester City and scored in total. 20 goals, very good performance. Aubameyang’s contract with Arsenal is 18 months away, and his weekly salary has reached 350,000 pounds. If Aubameyang leaves the team, the specific form is still uncertain. It is reported that Arsenal are interested in Fiorentina striker Vlahović and they have launched an offensive.Return to Sohu to see more


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