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Auronzo, aim to stop Nogarè trying to escape

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Escape, hookup or everything as before? There is only one advance today regarding Belluno football, but it is the key challenge in the Third Category of Belluno. At 3.30 pm (at the field in La Rossa, in Belluno) the Nogarè awaits the Auronzo. The hosts are first with full points, the Cadore formation chases three points behind. It is still very early in terms of the calendar, but especially in the event of a Juventus victory, a not bad groove would begin to be dug with the pursuers. The themes are therefore not lacking and however it goes this afternoon the points will weigh on the seasonal economy.

Advance 6th day Terza Belluno: Nogarè – Auronzo (3.30 pm).

Ranking: Nogarè 15, Auronzo 12, Alpes Cesio 10, Sois, Comelico 9, Fortogna, Piave 8, Cortina 6, Valzoldana, Domegge 5, Valboite, Limana Cavarzano 4, Plavis 3, Dynamo Vellai 0. –

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