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Aurora Berton says goodbye to Friuli: she is now an athlete of the Fiamme Gialle

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Aurora Berton says goodbye to Friuli: she is now an athlete of the Fiamme Gialle

Aurora Berton, a sprinter of absolute national value, leaves Friuli for the sports group of the yellow flames which in Castelporziano (Rome) has already received a welcome together with other new entries by the commander of the sports center, Brigadier General Marco Appella.

In the footsteps of other big names in Friulian athletics, Alessia Trost (high jump) and Andrea Alterio (hurdles), the twenty-two year old athlete from Palmanova will wear the yellow-green colors in the sprint specialty in which she made her debut in 2016 at the European championships under 18 in the 200 meters. Those were the years in which the Libertas Friùl of the starry city was led by Paolo Baracetti, a sports club now passed into the hands of Alessandro Stabile, and the talented sprinter was followed and coached by the coach Paolo Bonetti with whom she felt the strong emotion of going down to the 200 meters under the time trial of 24 seconds. Since the end of 2019 she has been trained at the Bruseschi stadium by Lucia Pierobon from Trieste, ex-bearer of the suppressed Chimica Friuli Torviscosa under whose care she climbed the podium in the individual absolutes and was third in the 60-meter indoor.

At the Under 20 European Championships in 2021 Aurora, in addition to reaching the individual semifinal, was able to establish the best performance in the category with a time of 23”65 in the 200 meters. In the indoor season she rewrote her personal best several times with almost two tenths of progress in the 60m flats up to 7”28, shaping the 7’29’ she had run in Lodz in Poland after the 7”32 in heat.

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Aurora was born and lives in the fortified city, she attends the degree course in breeding and animal health at the University of Udine. She studied music especially the guitar and one of her hobbies is photography. «We are particularly honored and proud – says the president of the Palmarina company Alessandro Stabile – that Aurora will from now on be part of the yellow flames and tonight on the occasion of the annual end-of-season award ceremony at the Modena theater we will celebrate her for all that has given in eleven years of permanence to the company, wishing it at the same time new and more prestigious personal and career results».

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