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Aurora, Remanzacco club, turns 100

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Aurora, Remanzacco club, turns 100

A hundred-year history. It is that of the Aurora of Remanzacco, a company that just this year crossed the finish line of the century of life and which will receive the plaque as best team on Monday at the awards ceremony of our 11. Founded in 1922, the Aurora was born under the public lampposts between Via Treppo and Via Orzano by the will of a handful of friends between the ages of 8 and 16, just think, who, at the end of the classic street match, decided to set up a sports club to represent the town.


There have been many presidents, players and volunteers who have followed one another within the Remanzacco company, with the present responding to the name of Simone De Rosa in the role of top manager of the company. «For me it is a great honor to carry on the story of the Aurora – his words – and I am proud to be the president of the centenary. This one hundred year anniversary is an important milestone, especially considering the times we are going through. Nowadays finding kids who choose football as a sport to practice is no longer as obvious as it once was, but our policy is to continue working on the youth sector.

Our “job” is that, then clearly the first team is the icing on the cake of a project that wants and must involve many young people. This is why we are proud that there are several players who grew up in our youth sector in the first team». A youth sector that, at the moment, has 140 boys, a number that rivals many other realities. «Our will is to further increase the number of members – continues De Rosa – to return to those who were before the pandemic which saw us, like everyone else, lose many kids. My greatest wish would be to have, in the next few years, a team made up entirely of players who grew up in the Aurora. It would mean having worked well, for a choice that would also pay off in terms of results: this year with five of our boys we are second in the standings, this must become the goal».


There would be many names to remember in one hundred years of history, with the most dated, in order of time, responding to that of Quinto Angelo Cibert, who died right on the pitch, during a game, way back in 1934. He was dedicated the old municipal field which, years later, gave way to the splendid, current, Via Ferro facility named in memory of Vittorio Morandini who, for 50 years, was the president of the Aurora. A club in which Simone Scuffet also played for a year, a goalkeeper who then moved on to Udinese with whom he made his Serie A debut, but a club from which Ryan Castenetto, born in 2003 who moved from Milan before returning to region, and Marco Della Vecchia, born in 2005 currently in force in the spring of Turin.

Young players who have tied their careers to the name of Auora, just like Massimiliano Masetti and Marco Lodolo, the only two players to cross the threshold of one hundred goals with the red and blue shirt. One hundred just like the birthday of the Remanzacco team: happy birthday Aurora.

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