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Australian Open, Musetti beaten in the 5th set by Harris

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Australian Open, Musetti beaten in the 5th set by Harris

The carrarino starts badly and still manages to bring the match to fifth, then gives in to the tie break. The South African, author of 17 aces, goes to the 2nd round

Why not fully enjoy the beauty of a Grand Slam? Why not close the match in three sets and then create suspense, and one step away from de profundis, reopen the match and go play it in the fifth? It’s a pity that Lorenzo Musetti didn’t give us the happy ending too, stopping at the most beautiful moment, at the tie break of the 5th set, after 3 hours and 48 minutes of battle. He ends up 6-1 6-1 6-7 (0) 2-6 7-6 (4) for the South African, author of 17 aces against 7 by Lorenzo.

Lorenzo starts immediately handicapped, who suffers an opening break in the first set, cold, and is unable to recover with just 50 percent of firsts in the court and 63 percent of points with the first serve against 83 of the South African almost incredulous that everything goes so smoothly against the number 19 in the world. Second set which is even worse, with the Carrara unable to react and giving up the serve twice without offering any resistance. It ends 6-1 and the fear is that Lorenzo’s right shoulder, still under painkillers due to the inflammation that had hit him in the United Cup final in Sydney, could cause problems again. When all seems lost, in the third set, with Harris still one break ahead, something moves in the head and in the pride of Simone Tartarini’s pupil. Counterbreak in the 7th game and partial which is decided in the tie break. There Musetti goes into killer mode also taking advantage of the important physical decline of Harris who is unable to score even one point and concedes the 7-0 to the blue. There is still life on the planet Musetti, who takes advantage of the South African’s long, very long break between the two sets to have a chat with manager Ugo Colombini, a former player, who gives him some advice. You can hear a “I can’t pay attention” from Musetti who in fact, as soon as the set restarts, risks suffering a break. However, the Carrarino remains orderly, who holds his service and in the fourth game, in turn, shoots ahead closing 6-2 and going to play the match in the fifth and decisive set.

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The final battle

Musetti seems to have the situation in hand, who in the 4th game has two break points but fails to materialize and then, immediately after, finds himself in the opposite condition, under 0-30. Lorenzo extends the exchange as much as possible, forcing Harris to make a mistake and halve the disadvantage, but the other has two break points and this time he doesn’t miss the opportunity by moving ahead 3-2. Harris confirms the advantage which, at zero, closes the 4-2. But it’s not over yet, in the eighth game, with a battle of shots and nerves triggered by a spectacular backhand pass by Lorenzo the magnificent, the match returns to balance with the blue counterbreak. Harris gasps, Musetti closes to zero for 5-4, Harris loses the first 15 then keeps his serve at 5-5. It is the tie break that decides who goes to the second round. Immediately exchange of gifts for the initial 1-1, then Lorenzo ends up down by a minibreak 3-2 which becomes 5-2. Another mistake for Musetti, who is in a hurry and finishes down 6-2 and 8-3. 5 match points arrive at 9-4 for Harris who closes at the first chance.

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