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Australian Open: World No. 1 Barty continues to move forward with a 2-0 victory over Giorgi to advance to the round of 16 – yqqlm

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Original title: Australian Open: World No. 1 Barty continues to advance 2-0 victory over Giorgi to enter the round of 16

Sohu Sports News On January 21, Beijing time, the 2022 Tennis Grand Slam Australian Open continued. In the third round of the women’s singles, the world‘s No. 1 Barty continued to perform strongly, 6-2/6-3 straight. She defeated the 30th-seeded Italian star Giorgi in two sets and won four consecutive victories after the match.

World No. 1 Barty reached the finals 6 times last season and won 5 championships, including his second Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, and won the year-end No. 1 title for three consecutive years. This season’s Australian Open warm-up match Barty won the championship at Adelaide Station, and entered the Australian Open in the first two rounds of winning streak Tesurenko and Bronzetti. In the third round, Batty ushered in the first strong opponent, the 30th seed Italian Giorgi, who won the Rogers Cup last season and had a quarter-final performance in the Grand Slam. Victory Potapova and Martinkova, the two have played against each other 3 times before, and Barty maintains a 100% record.

In the first set, Barty, who was the first to serve, made a 30-30 tie as soon as he came up. After that, he continued to serve with high quality and completed serve. In the second game, Giorgi served a double error and sent a break point after a 30-30 tie. , Under pressure, another double fault was sent directly out of the game, and Barty took advantage of the situation and made a 3-0 lead. In one round, Barty took a 4-2 lead under their respective service guarantees. In the seventh game, Giorgi scored a 40-0 break point from the bottom line. After that, Barty saved four break points in a row with high-quality serve to secure 5- 2 lead. The eighth game was Giorgi’s first serve game that had to be guaranteed. After the score was tied at 30-30, Giorgi backhanded out of bounds and sent a break point. Di broke serve 6-2 to win the first set.

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In the second set, both of them completed the lovegame guarantee in their first serving game, and they secured their serve to tie the score at 2-2. In the fifth game, Giorgi’s serving state declined, and Batty received the serve and grabbed the attack. At 40-15 consecutive break points, Giorgi saved a break point, backhand and changed the line to lose the game, and Barty took advantage of the trend to make another lovegame to maintain 5-2 to establish a huge advantage. Giorgi finished the serve 3-5 behind, followed by Barty’s serve to win the game, and lovegame made a 6-3 win to win the second set.

In the end, world No. 1 Barty continued to perform strongly, beating Italian star Giorgi in straight sets and advancing to the top 16 of the Australian Open women’s singles, winning seven consecutive victories at the beginning of the season. The whole game took only 61 minutes. In the game, Barty completed 4 ACES balls and 2 double faults, while Giorgi made 5 double faults. Barty’s first serve success rate was 56% and the first serve scoring rate was 93%, both leading opponent. The winning points were 11 for Giorgi and 8 for Giorgi, 24 for unforced errors for Giorgi, but 13 for Giorgi. In the break link, none of Giorgi’s 4 break points was fulfilled, while Barty was 5 break points for 3 break points.Return to Sohu, see more


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