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Avian flu, outbreak in Ostia Antica: containment measures are taken

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Confirmed case of avian flu in Ostia Antica

Rome, November 9, 2021 – Avian flu, a case ascertained in Rome 3 on a farm in Ostia Antica. The Lazio Region ordered by order of the President Nicola Zingaretti theadoption of extraordinary measures of protection. “A case of avian flu has been certified by the Zooprophylactic Institute and typing has taken place. A few minutes ago an order was signed by President Zingaretti which is immediately notified to the mayors of Fiumicino and Rome. The affected area is that of Ostia Antica “, according to the Lazio Regional Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, on the sidelines of a speech in Casal Bernocchi. The avian case was detected following checks after the onset of abnormal mortality in a poultry farm non-commercial. The report of the national reference center of the Zooprophylactic Institute confirmed the outbreak of avian influenza of subtype H5 HPAI.

Two containment bands

One will be established protection area with a radius of 3 km from the breeding site of the influenza outbreak and one surveillance area with a radius of 10 km. All farms must be verified. “Two bands will be created, one of 3 and 10 km, within which prescription and containment measures are taken. about 35 small farms affected che must comply with the ordinance. Situation is under control but from the next few hours there will be a task force that will have to implement the strict measures of the ordinance to which there can be no exceptions “adds D’Amato. measures remain in effect for at least 21 days after the execution of the disinfestation of the outbreak.

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