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Back to school in chaos: the new anti Covid rules. Who goes into dad and when

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Rome, January 10, 2022 – Chaos school. The come back in after the holidays it takes place in a climate of great uncertainty due to the explosion of Covid contagion, with all that follows. Despite the battle of the regional administrations, the government has pulled straight and has not changed the return date that is today, January 10th (there are those who have already started on 7). Not everywhere, however: many municipalities in no particular order leave their schools closed. Sicily has postponed the first bell by three days. In Campania, elementary and middle schools are in dad.


In the rest of Italy an arduous return to normality will be attempted: the dad is around the corner, 2-3 cases per class are enough to trigger it. Lessons are also threatened by staff absences. It is the same Minister Bianchi to admit. “There is certainly this possibility”. The principals estimate that 10% of teachers and non-teachers will not be present today but will be at home sick or in quarantine (not to mention the hard core of the ‘no vax’ which before the government’s tightening on the obligation was close to 40,000 units. for the spread of infection, find alternates it will be a feat.

“The school is ready: we have unanimously approved clear, precise and punctual rules”, explains Minister Patrizio Bianchi, reiterating that schools are a safe place. The same words used by the head of the emergency facility, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, for whom face-to-face lessons are an “important” signal and the classrooms “safe places with masks and spacing”.

To prevent the dad Figliuolo focuses on tracking and testing: the guidelines for principals are contained in a circular updated in the light of the new rules on quarantine and green pass. the new rules distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated in middle and high school.

In elementary school, the old rules on infections remain: in the case of a positive one remains in the presence with an antigenic or molecular test to be performed immediately and another after five days (the so-called T0 and T5). With at least two cases, all students will finish indiscriminately in Dad for ten days.

With a case of positivity, the class remains in attendance with Ffp2 masks and self-monitoring. With 2 almost a distinction is made: for those who are not vaccinated, or have only had 2 doses of vaccine or have been cured for more than 120 days, the Dad is applied for 10 days, while the others continue in class in self-monitoring and ffp2 mask. Come on three cases up finally activates all Dad for 10 days.

According to what the Miur specifies, it will be up to the pupil with the Pass verde demonstrate that they meet the requirements for attendance in the classroom during the self-supervision regime. This means that institutions will be able to view the vaccination status of students without this leading to a violation of privacy. They are also expected free tampons, subject to medical prescription, for self-supervised students.

For many administrators tomorrow will be just a false start. The latest voice in favor of the dad is that of the governor of Puglia Michele Emiliano which makes it a legal question: “During a global pandemic, no one can be forced to risk getting infected, if there is a means to reduce the risk. “The governor writes it in a message sent to the Facebook community ” Apulian parents in favor of Dad ”. After publication, the post was deleted but recorded numerous shares.”Those who don’t want to take the risk don’t have to go to school. And Dad greatly reduces the risk of contagion “.” This right – continues Emiliano – is currently recognized only for fragile students and I hope also for students living with other fragile students. But in my opinion this right belongs to everyone, even those who do not want to go to school in the exercise of their right to health. In this case in the face of the refusal of the dad by school administrators, families could challenge the provision before the Tar “.

Also for the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, it would have been “appropriate to postpone the reopening for 15 days”. But the pro dad front of the Regions is not compact. For the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, in a “country where everything is open keeping schools closed is not only a bad sign but is not very useful”, while the president of Marche region, Francesco Acquaroli, announces that his administration will respect the “rules indicated to us by the State”.

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