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Bad weather in Sicily and Calabria. Cars overwhelmed by mud in Scordia: two missing

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Scordia, the town of Catania particularly affected by bad weather (Ansa)

Rome, 24 October 2021 – Red alert for hydraulic and hydrogeological risk for Calabria and Sicily. The wave of bad weather that is affecting the two regions continues, and will end up affecting Puglia and Basilicata in the next few hours. The Civil Protection Department has issued an additional warning of adverse weather conditions.

In Sicily the most serious situation: in Scordia a storm has flooded some streets dragging cars away. The Fire Brigade after rescuing several motorists blocked by a flood of water and mud, they are looking for any missing persons: witnesses reported two Senior citizens, he in his seventies and she in his fifties, in a Ford Fiesta, who got out of the car were travished by the fury of the water.

Among the people rescued in Scordia also 5 foreign tourists. The minibus on which they were traveling was hit by water along the state road 385 that connects with Catania. The tourists were taken to a safe area by some civil protection volunteers. While the passengers of a scheduled bus found refuge at the nearby Oranfrizer factory.

On the eastern side of the island there are damage and flooding in the Catanese area. The San Giuliano bridge that crosses the Alcantara river in Randazzo was damaged. In Catania some trees have ended up on the street. Disruptions also on the A19 Palermo-Catania motorway, near Motta Sant’Anastasia, and on the A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo, near Salemi.

A strong storm caused damage and flooding also in Pantelleria. Inhabitants surprised and worried about the streets transformed into rivers.

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