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Baioni: We thank Bucchi, this victory was thanks to our boss

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Baioni: We thank Bucchi, this victory was thanks to our boss

In the press conference after the beautiful and difficult victory against Tortona coach Bucchi sent all his staff, assistant Baioni and Gerosa and coach Boccolini to speak to journalists.

Baioni was the first to comment on the result and began by thanking the coach.

The assistant coach Giacomo Baioni

“We thank Bucchi, this victory was thanks to our boss. We are all here to show how proud we all are of this team, the staff, the crowd. We made a tremendous effort. Problems arose today, absences and tactics, we solved them with everyone’s contribution. Right now it’s a cohesive team, united in respect of tactical choices and defensive responses.

We got stuck a bit in the first half, we did much better in the second half. This match was more tactical than usual but the ability to pass the ball belongs to the team that is emerging thanks to the strong commitment and the ability to concentrate on work without thinking about the problems”

The athletic trainer Matteo Boccolini

“I think Robinson and Jones will be able to come back this week. The evaluation is done day by day and for us the players come first, we stop them if there is the slightest objective doubt. There will be no amalgam issues with their return. The team, in fact, has reached its current condition thanks to hard work and enthusiasm. Absences have created difficulties but team chemistry helps to overcome them. We trained well and we will continue to train well”

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“The success of today and of the last matches is the result of a lot of sharing and a great desire to train. This team is now a group. At the beginning of the season, injuries certainly had an impact. Now there is more cohesion which also translates into more competitive spirit. The balances of a team are as easy to take apart as they are difficult to build. The building work has been done, I repeat, we are a group, we hope to continue like this.”

At the end of the press conference Massimo Chessa, author of nine points with three triples, two of which arrived in a crucial phase of the match.

“It was a beautiful game. We were nervous in the first two quarters, then we pushed harder. When we are able to run we are able to drag the public and this helps us, it gives us more strength. Due to injuries in recent weeks we had to adapt. But in this championship final we read the situations better. You get to know each other more and more with your classmates, some of us have been here for some time and sometimes everything can be resolved with a pat on the back. This makes everything easier, playing and passing the ball. When two Americans are missing, the absence weighs heavily, especially if one is the point guard. But we reacted well, Chris is having an incredible season, we have to continue like this.”

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