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Balance bikes for children: at what age to start?

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Balance bikes for children: at what age to start?

At what age can you start using a balance bike for children? The best time for giving your puppies a balance bike is between 18 months and 2 years old, that is, that age in which they have already learned to walk and run, skills necessary to use a balance bike. At 18 months, a child should also be tall enough to ride a small balance bike. Then of course every boy and girl are different, ed it is therefore the sensitivity of the parents to make it clear when the time is right. Also taking into account the following considerations.

Balance bikes for children: at what age to start?

Every child adopts a personal approach to a balance bike. Some take it and immediately start experimenting. Others need to see how to ride a bike. Bike meetups are a fabulous way to engage a child who isn’t interested. Observing other children on two wheels demonstrates that children are learning and helps motivate them. In fact, children have a special way of motivating each other.

I will not constrain him

Keep in mind that forcing a child to pedal (or forcing any child to do anything) it risks taking the fun out of the activity. Cycling should be fun! So gently encourage your child to pedal, offer them opportunities to do so, and connect them with other children who are pedaling, but be careful not to push too hard.

What is a balance bike and why use it?

Balance bikes, sometimes called balance bikes, are bicycles designed to introduce children to riding. Balance bikes require both feet to be planted firmly on the ground so that the rider can “run” with the bike underneath them. They are a more efficient, safer and less intimidating method of teaching how to ride a bike than using learning wheels or even tricycles.

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Learning to ride a bike involves three main skills: balance, steering, pedaling. Tricycles and learning wheels can teach pedaling, but maintaining balance is a much more difficult skill to master. Balance bikes offer kids a non-intimidating opportunity to focus on balance and steering.

Remove the wheels?

Many parents today have learned to ride a bicycle when a parent decided to take the learning wheels off the bike and encouraged them to be brave. At that time, the important thing was to overcome a moment that was frightening for the child and frustrating or exhausting for the parent. Balance bikes have changed all that. They allow children to learn balance at a comfortable pace.

How do I know when my child is ready to switch to pedals?

There are two prerequisites for learning to ride a pedal bicycle:

The child must have the strength needed to manage a pedal bicycle.
The child must have mastered the balance on a balance bike.


The child must have the strength to hold the bike upright without assistance. The child must also have enough leg strength to turn the pedals while riding. If a child is having a little trouble accelerating, you can try to help by gently pushing them on their back. Try to push your young rider in a way that doesn’t help or interfere with his balance, by simply using your flat palm on his back.


For some very young children, the pedal can be a coordination challenge. We have a trick: we have a 14″ bicycle mounted on a bicycle stand that we seat the children on to make them pedal well.

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If you don’t have a bike stand and are strong enough, you can get a child to sit on the bike by lifting the rear wheel off the ground by lifting off the saddle. The idea is to have the young cyclist learn to spin the pedals without worrying about moving or maintaining balance.

You can also have the rider practice taking their feet off the pedals, letting them hang down, then putting them back on the pedals and spinning them. (Some children with excellent balance have a hard time finding the pedals and starting to pedal quickly, which leads them to lose momentum before they can pedal).

Finally, remember that learning to ride a bike can be a clumsy experience. A little patience can make all the difference.

What if it’s too old for a balance bike?

What if I never bought my child a balance bike and he is now too old for a balance bike? Children older than 3 and a half years they can often learn balance on a pedal bike with the pedals removed. Once your child is able to move confidently on the bike, you can put the pedals back on. Instruct your child to give three running pushes to get some momentum and then “pedal, pedal, pedal!”

Avoid running next to your child. Let him know that he is in control of the situation and that he can always put one foot on the ground to avoid falling. And he remembers, get lots of compliments when he starts pedaling himself! Maybe even some ice cream.

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