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Banco suffers until the end but the debut is a winner

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The biancoblù, without Clemmons, beat Pesaro after a very balanced 40 minutes. A 10-0 break at the start of the last quarter was decisive, the guests missed the triple final

SASSARI. Just over fifteen hundred spectators and a sigh of relief so strong that it ruffled the players on the pitch: this is what the Dinamo fans blow out just before the siren, when the triple thrown by Sanford bounces off the second iron and certifies the victory of biancoblù . Banco di Sardegna welcomes the 2021-’22 championship by beating Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro 75-73 at the end of a complicated match of great suffering in rebound.

Broken ice. Without play Clemmons, who flew to the US for the birth of his children, and with Burnell back on his feet at the last moment after an attack of gastroenteritis, Dinamo saw the Marche players command the match for almost 30 ‘, albeit with minimal gaps. The key moment came 9 ‘from the end, at -7 when the biancoblù broke 10-0 and put the bow forward until the final seconds. Then, in a very heated final, between one mistake and another, after Jones’ 73-73, Gentile’s two free throws, 10 “from the siren, made the difference, before Sanford’s triple of victory ended. on the iron. First win of the season and still a lot of work to do, but for the moment it’s okay.

Hand brake applied. Demis Cavina mixes the cards of the quintet with Gentile, Devecchi, Battle, Bendzius and Mekowulu. The start is contracted, with the attack that goes to alternating current and the defense that allows some offensive rebound too. Pesaro makes his with Jones and Tambone and leads the dances, the match remains in full balance with Dinamo which changes its set-up several times and limits the damage with Logan (18-20). Cavina raises the quintet, the Sassari still concede rebounds in attack in clusters and in a few minutes several tugs arrive: from 27-22 propitiated by Treier and Mekowulu the Banco collects a partial 9-0 (27-31 5’25 “), then he reacts with a 9-0 counterbreak with Gentile and again Mekowulu (36-31 at 3 ‘). Pesaro goes into a prolonged break, it would be time to bite the match, instead here is another 7-0 partial for the guests and the 36-38 of the rest.

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Upon returning to the field, Dinamo is even more contracted, Pesaro restarts from where it left off and remains ahead, 39-44. Bendzius hits a shot, scores and scores (44-44), but in the meantime Battle has already committed his fourth foul. The public tries to shake the Sassari, who find some substance with Mekowulu and manage to put the arrow again, 50-49 at 3’30 “from the third siren. From both sides errors of all kinds arrive and the match remains bogged down. Certainly the Banco fails to take it in hand, and in fact Carpegna leaves again, with Demetri and Moretti signing 52-56. Things are going badly, because at the opening of the last period also Zanotti’s bomb arrives for the 52-59.

To hell and back. Dinamo rearranges their ideas and reacts immediately, moving the score with Battle and Mekowulu. Vuelle makes a couple of trivial mistakes in attack, collects the game from 3 Battle points and the counterattack of Logan: all together makes a break of 10-0 (62-59) that changes the game. The intensity rises, Sanford keeps Vuelle afloat, while Dinamo loses Battle for five fouls but finds other resources: Mekowulu and Logan responds to Tambone’s triple and 3 ‘from the end the scoreboard says 70-66. The epilogue, however, is still far away: Sanford puts it from 7 meters, Logan slips the triple of 73-69. Is it done? No way. Sanford scores immediately, Banco pasticcia and at 13 ”the worst defense of the game gives Jones the dunk of 73-73. Pesaro makes a foul, Gentile goes to the line at 10 ”and makes 2/2, then Cavina sends Devecchi on Sanford, who shoots from a sidereal distance and hits the iron. Victory, 2 points and a sigh of relief that blows.

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