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Baoji athletes beat gold and silver at National Games

Source: Baoji Daily
Release time: 2021-09-22 08:41

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 14th National Games of the People’s Republic of China frequently reported good news. Athletes from Baoji, representing Shaanxi, won gold and silver in multiple competitions, adding luster to Shaanxi sports!

Wan Jinyu and Ni Yuanyuan won the women’s 20-kilometer race walking team gold medal

In the women’s 20-kilometer race walking team competition of the 14th National Games that ended on September 20, seven female athletes from the Shaanxi Race Walking Corps worked hand in hand and fought side by side. Winning the gold medal in this project once again demonstrated the strong strength of the Shaanxi Women’s Race Walking Team.

Baoji girls Ni Yuanyuan and Wan Jinyu, as the main players of the Shaanxi women’s race walking team, played well in this competition. Wan Jinyu achieved a good score of 44 minutes and 41 seconds in the youth group and won third in the group; Ni Yuanyuan ranked sixth in the adult group. , To help the team win the championship.

Wang Zheng wins gold with hammer

In the Women’s Hammer Throw Final of the 14th National Games that ended on the evening of September 20, Baoji athlete Wang Zheng faced the strong impact of Jiangxi athlete Li Jiangyan, withstood the pressure, dared to fight, several times fell behind and overtook his opponent. . In the fifth shot, Wang Zheng won the championship with a score of 74.65 meters, adding another National Games gold medal for Shaanxi Province!

Feng Shasha wins silver in lightweight double sculls

In the rowing competition of the 14th National Games that ended on September 19th, the athlete Feng Shasha and teammate Fu Jingxia sent by our city won the silver medal in the 2000m women’s lightweight double scull competition with a score of 7 minutes and 05 seconds. 64. Another Baoji athlete, Wang Yelan, finished fourth in the women’s double single paddle competition.

According to Zhao Yonggang, rowing coach of the Municipal Sports School, Feng Shasha and Wang Yelan were sent to the provincial team during the 15th National Games. Feng Shasha was born in 1997. In 2010, he was selected from Qishan County and entered the rowing team of Baoji Sports School. In November 2013, he was transferred to the rowing team of Shaanxi Water Sports Management Center.

Yuan Haini locks boxing bronze medal

In the women’s 69 kg boxing arena of the 14th National Games of the National Games, Yuan Haini, a contestant sent from our city, competed with Chongqing and Liaoning contestants to advance to the semi-finals and secure a bronze medal at the National Games.

In addition, in the men’s table tennis bronze medal competition that ended on the morning of September 21, Shaanxi lost 2:3 to Hebei, and the fourth place also created the best result in history. As the main player of the Shaanxi men’s team, the table tennis player Sai Linwei sent by our city contributed to Shaanxi’s advancement to the semi-finals of the National Games.


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