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Barak at his last breath, Maccabi Haifa-Fiorentina 3-4

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Barak at his last breath, Maccabi Haifa-Fiorentina 3-4

Precious victory for Viola in the first leg of the Conference League round of 16 BUDAPEST (ITALPRESS) – Fiorentina beat Maccabi Haifa 4-3 in the first leg of the Conference League round of 16: Barak’s goal was decisive on the neutral pitch of the Bozsik Arena in Budapest in the 95th minute after the Viola had gone behind twice. Fiorentina was saved only in injury time after a balanced match played on a pitch made heavy by the rain. Great credit to a Maccabi team that was good at exploiting the guests’ defensive gaps. Just two minutes pass and Fiorentina immediately takes the lead, thanks to Nzola’s goal: Kayode crosses into the area for the former Spezia player, who is able to head the ball into the bottom corner.

The match seemed to be going downhill for the Viola, but Maccabi, after a difficult start, reacted, managing to develop some good patterns of play. The Israeli team takes advantage of the inattention of the opposing defense and, with a tremendous one-two, even takes the lead. First in the 12th minute, on Cornud’s corner, a random deflection sent the ball to Seck who equalized from two steps away; then in the 29th minute Gadi Kinda receives Mohamed’s through ball and makes it 2-1. At the start of the second half, Fiorentina risks slipping when Pierrot, in front of Terracciano, sends the goal incredibly high to make it 3-1. Italiano’s boys then raise the pace and offensive pressure, putting the Israelis in difficulty. The 2-2 for the Viola is a done deal in the 58th minute: Nzola plays the ball for Beltran, who finds the corner by kicking with his right tip. The emotions don’t end here, however, and in their best moment Fiorentina were once again surprised in defence: Khalaili overtook Ranieri on the restart and with a great diagonal put Maccabi back ahead. After six minutes, here is the new equalizer for the Viola, this time with Mandragora who scores the 3-3. In the final, Maccabi remained with ten men, following Show’s expulsion; Fiorentina poured forward and, in the fifth minute of injury time, Barak made it 4-3, thanks to a splendid left-footed shot under the top corner. The return is scheduled in Florence next Thursday at 6.45pm. – photo Image – (ITALPRESS). xl9/glb/red 07-Mar-24 11.07pm .

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