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Barcelona, ​​autographed shirt at auction redeemed in 9 seconds | Fan Tokens

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Barcelona, ​​autographed shirt at auction redeemed in 9 seconds |  Fan Tokens

The memorabilia, the result of an initiative by the Blaugrana fan token world, was unlocked in the blink of an eye on the app of the digital token platform

The reverse auction is a mechanism designed to assign a certain product – usually an heirloom – in a different way from what you are used to. If a work of art is usually auctioned at the highest figure among those offered and therefore the price rises minute by minute, in the reverse auction the starting price is very high and drops at a steady pace until the most interested stops the stopwatch and wins the item at the “available” amount at that moment. Too bad that, if the heirloom is particularly coveted, the whole mechanism freezes even before coming to life.

Bank skipped

This is what happened in the world of fan tokens a few days ago with a Barcelona shirt signed by Rafael Marquez, the iconic Mexican defender who played in Catalonia from 2003 to 2010 and is now back in the Blaugrana as coach of team B, Atlètic. To access the offer, it was essential to have 50 digital tokens of the Spanish club in one’s own wallet, but the real stumbling block was represented by the 160,000 SSU points requested as the basic price: no problem for the ravenous appetite user, who clicked on the red button after 9 seconds, converting his points into the memorabilia that Marquez himself gave as a gift of his signature. Maybe the starting price wasn’t high enough and the eagerness of the Barcelona fans…

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