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Barcelona chasing favorite center was out of trouble by Juventus Atletico “tricks” to make things difficult_Morata_Future_transfer fee

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Original title: Barcelona’s favorite center was troubled by Juventus Atletico’s “tricky”

After the introduction of Ferran Torres, Barcelona’s current signings focus is Morata. Morata himself very much hopes to join Barcelona. He has already talked to Xavi on the phone, and his wife also said that they will return to Spain to live. But judging from the current situation, Morata’s future is still a big question mark. Morata is currently leased to Juventus by Atletico Madrid. Both Atletico Madrid and Juventus have set up obstacles for Barcelona to introduce Morata.

According to Juventus and team reporter Agresti, Allegri has already had a dialogue with Morata. Allegri clearly told Morata that Juventus could not let Morata go before lending new aid in the winter. If Juventus cannot rent a new striker in the winter, Morata will stay in Turin to finish the season. Juventus currently wants to loan Icardi, but Paris is only willing to sell the former Inter captain directly. Icardi’s future will directly determine Morata’s future.

Even if Juventus is willing to let Morata go, Atletico will still cause trouble for Barcelona. Barcelona had hoped to introduce Morata by lease and selective buyout, but Atletico Madrid was unwilling to accept this approach. Atletico Madrid hoped to sell Morata directly. When Griezmann was leased back to Atletico this season, there was a 40 million euro mandatory buyout clause in the contract that came into effect in 2023. The premise for Atletico Madrid to release Morata is that Barcelona allow Atletico Madrid to use part of the money to offset the transfer fee of the Spanish center. If Barcelona accepts it, the Red and Blue Corps will not need to pay a transfer fee for Morata, but the Griezmann transfer fee it can get in the future will also be greatly reduced.Return to Sohu to see more

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