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Barcelona “Glass Man” completed the wedding, fans teased whether his wedding was late_Dembele_Training Base_Player

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Original title: Barcelona “Glass Man” completed the wedding, fans teased whether his wedding was late

La Liga has entered a short offseason, Harvey has given the Barcelona team a holiday until December 28, but this morning local time, Depay and Pedri still came to the training base to resume training.

Some teams are training, some players even complete their life events at this time, Barcelona striker Dembele and his girlfriend held a wedding. After seeing this news, some fans began to tease Dembele and asked him if he was late before the wedding, and some fans said whether Dembele was injured at the wedding and took time to play a game at the wedding. Dembele couldn’t be more familiar with it.

Barcelona winger Dembele held a wedding in Morocco in a Muslim religious ceremony. What is puzzling is that most people in the Barcelona locker room don’t know that Dembele is going to get married, or even that he has a girlfriend, because he is alone at each team dinner. Bayern midfielder Yu Pamecano was invited to participate in the wedding. He and Dembele, now 24, have played in the French youth teams at all levels. The relationship between the two is very good.

The news of Dembele’s marriage surprised everyone in Barcelona. In any case, the club hopes that Dembele, who is now accompanied by his wife, can become more mature and know how to abide by the rules. Former Paris Saint-Germain star Bodemeer said in an interview a few days ago: “He was advanced three hours in yesterday’s training. This is a good sign. He was injured during the European Cup. It was a real muscle injury. Because of bad lifestyle habits. Player injuries always appear, and his body is indeed fragile. But now he knows that he doesn’t stay up late anymore and rarely goes out at night. In Barcelona, ​​everything about him is lost. Surveillance. He is late for training and people are always talking about it, but when he arrives at the training ground early, people don’t care.”

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Newcastle had contacted Dembele and his agent a few weeks ago and made an offer. However, Barcelona is still optimistic about signing a contract extension with Dembele and they are confident that they will be in touch with the players in the next few days. Reaching a final agreement, Harvey is working hard to keep the French in the team. I also hope that Dembele can mature after he gets married again and spend his energy on the court instead of games and sickbeds.Return to Sohu to see more


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