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Barcelona iron gate: Coman loses player trust at the end of the locker room needs to change_明格

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Original title: Barcelona iron gate: Koeman lost the player’s trust at the end of the locker room needs to be changed

Recently, Barcelona defender Mingesa revealed in an interview with the media how Koeman lost the trust of the club and players step by step, which eventually led to the dismissal of the Dutch coach. According to Mingeza’s introduction, Barcelona “no longer trust” Koman. Mainly because the Dutch coach has lost control of the team. At the end of Koman’s coaching at Barcelona, ​​there was “no atmosphere” in the dressing room… But Mingesa hopes that the arrival of new coach Harvey will have an immediate positive impact.

For Koeman, Mingesa admitted that in the late Koeman coaching period, he has gradually lost all aspects of support. Koeman coached Barcelona for 14 months, but his results were dismal. After losing 0-1 to Vallecano last month, he finally surrendered Shuaiyin.

As for when Mingesa lost his “trust” in Koman? The defender said frankly that in the game against Getafe last season, after he was replaced in a harsh manner by Koeman, his illusion of Koeman was shattered… This season, Mingesa’s playing time has been reduced sharply. No longer the absolute main force of the team. Of course, Mingesa emphasized that he does not need to get a commitment to the main position. He also admitted that it is necessary to change the defensive system to solve the problem of Barcelona’s recent sharp decline in defensive quality.

Faced with the interview, Mingesa said: “The locker room needs to be changed! There is no atmosphere now. The players are not happy. When you are in poor health and things do not come to fruition, you need to change.”

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Mingesar added his point: “The team no longer believes (Keman and his methods), everyone tries to solve the problem by themselves. Our performance is not good, either individually or collectively. When the state is not good Although everyone does their best, we lack self-confidence.”

Now that Harvey takes over the team, Mingesa believes that Barcelona sees hope, “Harvey’s training is very focused on the idea of ​​what we want to do on the court. I believe that the situation will change and get better now. And I think , We don’t have to wait two or three months to see these changes. Starting this weekend, we will see new things and new changes.”Return to Sohu to see more


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