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Barcelona VS Espanyol preview: Harvey returns to first show Wu Lei difficult to play_La Liga

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Original title: Barcelona VS Espanyol preview: Harvey returns to first show Wu Lei difficult to play

At 4 o’clock in the morning on November 21, Beijing time, the 14th round of the 21/22 season La Liga will usher in a highlight. At the Nou Camp, Barcelona will play at home against the rival Spaniards in the same city.

Confrontation record

In the history of La Liga, the two teams have faced each other 172 times. Barcelona has 100 wins, 38 draws and 34 losses, with 332-178 goals. At home, Barcelona had 68 wins, 9 draws and 9 losses, with a goal of 214 to 72. The last time Barcelona lost to the Spaniard occurred in the 24th round of the 08/09 season, when Barcelona lost 1-2 at home in the same city derby.

Harvey’s debut after returning

This Catalan derby will be Harvey’s debut after returning to Barcelona as a coach. For Harvey, he is currently facing a great dilemma, which is mainly reflected in the front line. After Fati, Aguero, Brethwaite and Dembele were injured, Harvey currently has only Depay, Luc De Jong and Demir, the three true forwards on hand. Man and Serge basically abandoned the type. “Daily Sports News” believes that center midfielder Garvey will have to serve as a left winger, and the B team player Abboud may start as a right winger.

Spaniard wins and overtakes Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the strongest clubs in La Liga history, and the Spaniard is newly promoted this season. But in the standings, both teams currently have 17 points. The Spaniard is temporarily behind Barcelona because of only 3 goal difference. If the Spaniard wins, he will overtake Barcelona in the standings. Considering the historical status of the two teams, this is obviously a great shame for Barcelona.

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Wu Lei’s situation is getting harder

In the Spaniard, Wu Lei has not scored a goal for more than a year. Before the FIFA game, Wu Lei had already become an iron bench in the team. He often could only come off the bench by delaying time at the last moment of the game. Considering that Wu Lei has just flown back to Spain from Asia, he may not even get a chance to play this game. The pinnacle of Wu Lei’s La Liga career was to score before the final of the Catalan Derby to help the Spaniard tie Barcelona 2-2. It is estimated that this scene is unlikely to be staged this weekend.

Pre-match remarks

Harvey (Barça coach): Our goal is to play well, keep possession of the ball, create opportunities, and put pressure on our opponents intensively. I believe that this is the best way to achieve the desired result. We urgently need to advance on the standings without tolerance for any mistakes. We have reopened a project, and everyone is looking forward to it. We will try our best to reflect our own ideas, we not only want to win, but also to win beautifully.

De Thomas (Spaniard’s core scorer): We have won Real Madrid, and we strive to play every game in the same way, no matter who the opponent is. We know very well how difficult it will be against Barcelona, ​​but we believe that we also have many opportunities and we will do our best to play the best. From the point of view of points, we and Barcelona are evenly matched. We will try to play the best level, Barcelona will do the same, anything can happen.

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Predict the starting

Barcelona (4-3-3): Ter Stegen/Serge Roberto, Pique, Eric Garcia, Alba/Nico, Busquets, Frankie De Jong/ Aboud, Depay, Garvey

Spaniard (4-1-4-1): Diego Lopez/Alexi Vidal, Serge Gomez, Cabrera, Pedrosa/Barre/Embarba, Herrera, Daddell, Puado/De ThomasReturn to Sohu to see more


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