Impressive numbers for this Bari which, for the second leg of the Serie B playoffs, brings 51,261 spectators to the stadium. Crazy figures for this square and if the numbers should ever count for anything, beyond the results on the pitch, the red and whites should have guaranteed access to the top flight by divine right. Already during the regular season and its ups and downs, the Apulian public offered the second average number of spectators behind directly promoted Genoa (about 24,000 against almost 26,000 of the Ligurians: Frosinone winner of the championship, still at 11,000), so less in terms of cabal, everything seems to smile on them, now it’s only up to the players on the pitch to know how to capitalize on this drive.

The tension is very high and the charge from the stands is one of the mighty ones. The players enter the field in a completely red and white colored stadium, with the anthem taken up by the fans which dominates and galvanises. In the meantime, a meager representation from Bolzano also arrives. Many kilometers covered and not indifferent respect for those like them, regardless of the talks about quantity, prefer to take them on and do a minimum of aggregation in preference to individualism and rampant laxity.

There is no story on the pitch, it is a Bari monologue constantly devoted to attack, with SüdTirol closed in defense to preserve the 1-0 of the first leg, with the intention of restarting on the counterattack to deliver the fatal blow. In the background, an audience that in turn pushes, seeks, wants with all its strength and in the end gets the goal, right under the Curva, rewarded for its decidedly over the top support and which in the end, by virtue of the best placement in the championship , brings Bari to the final against Cagliari. The last decisive step towards the dream.

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Massimo D’Innocenzi