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Baseball, Parma-Amsterdam 7-6 in the Champions Cup final

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Baseball, Parma-Amsterdam 7-6 in the Champions Cup final

Daring final and full of twists with the Poma team able to overturn the score at the end and defend it for the 15th European triumph

Parma heartbeat. It is truly the greatest team in history for how it plays and triumphs in the Champions Cup. Gianguido Poma’s team beat the Pirates of Amsterdam 7-6 in Bonn, after a daring and pyrotechnic match, and won their 15th European trophy after reaching the twentieth final.

Guido Poma’s boys played a less than perfect match but they made up for the mistakes made with commitment and heart, reaching a goal that seemed very far in the middle of the match. It is useless to make rankings on a triumphal evening like this, the whole team deserved the triumph. To underline however the excellent reliefs of Contreras, Diaz, Rivera and Habeck, the sensational home runs of Joseph and Gonzalez, the spectacular defensive match of Battioni and the hits of Flisi (3 out of 3) and Koutsoyanopulos (2 out of 3).

Which confirms

This is a great confirmation, a year later, for the Parmesan who manage to make the difference with shortstop Manuel Marcelo Joseph Timo, who beats the 3 heaviest points, in addition to the 2 scored, with a total of 3 out of 4. The batsman between the 7th and 8th inning first makes the 5-6 home run and then beats the 2-point double with which the score is overturned and set. In the final thrills with the last out entrusted to Marc Andrè Habeck after the great work of the whole mountain. The comparison of valid is 14-10 for the Parmaclima which therefore reaffirms in all departments the qualities to rejoice again. For Gianguido Poma who won the Champions Cups as shortstop, now this new triumph as a manager, with a team really full of men of destiny, from Astorri to Mineo to Neol Gonzalez, author of a home run to the right of 5-4, from Flisi to Desimoni and Sambucci. Finally the San Marino tricolor yields in the final at Bonn 6-3.

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