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Baseball, Parma wins in San Marino: the Scudetto is decided on a fair basis

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Baseball, Parma wins in San Marino: the Scudetto is decided on a fair basis

A great pitcher leads the Emilians to success by 2-1 in game-6: the series will be decided on Sunday evening at the playoff

The Scudetto to the beautiful: it is the verdict of game-3 played in San Marino, the diamond of the outgoing holders who therefore are unable to definitively close the accounts against Parma. Wasted the first match point, the challenge that brings the Italian series back to the best 7 at 3-3. Parma have a lot of thanks to their starting pitcher Luis Lugo, whose performance silences the line-up of Doriano Bindi’s team. Poma’s team, on the other hand, had everything to lose if they hadn’t got it right game-6 and they did, hitting when needed to bring home the victory points. The series is getting longer but the seventh will be without appeal: Sunday evening at 20.30 always in San Marino, where they await the sixth Scudetto, while Parma has been waiting for the tricolor since 2010 and for three years had not made it to the final for the title despite being the reigning European champion .

Closed game

A sacrificial sprint by Alberto Mineo breaks the delay in the third inning for Koutsoyanopulos’ 1-0. In the fourth inning Tommaso Battioni produces the second point (from Rodriguez) with a sinolo on the right, but this time San Marino is concrete with Oscar Angulo, whose long valid in the center is worth 2-1. Last recovery truth for the line-up of the Titan entrusted to the relief Marc Andrè Habeck, substitute for a Luis Lugo with a total of 82 jumps (with 52 trikes) and only one valid granted. In front of him the hitters three, four and five of San Marino. Angulo beats a single towards the third, Lino Correa runs into a strikeout, ditto Celli, Ustariz keeps the hopes of the tricolors alive with a valid right but Epifano only beats a bouncy ball that Talevi has transformed into the out of victory. Another match resolved by one point, for a final never so uncertain and understood. Now the final seven innings.

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San Marino 1-2 Parma (game-6)
PARMACLIMA: Koutsoyanopulos (8) 1/4, Desimoni (7) 1/3, Gonzalez (9) 0/3, Mineo (2) 0/1, Astorri (bd) 1/3, Sambucci (3) 0/2, Rodriguez ( 5) 0/1, Talevi (4) 0/3, Battioni (6) 1/3.
SAN MARINO: Batista (9) 0/2, Ferrini (5) 0/1, Angulo (4) 2/3, Lino Correa (2) 0/3, Celli (8) 0/3, Ustariz (3) 1/3, Epifano (6) 073, Leonora (7) 0/2 Pulzetti (bd) 0/2.
Launchers – Kourtis (p.) 3.2 rl, 4 so, 3bb, 4 bv, Lugo (v.) 6 rl, 8 so, 2bb, 1 bv, Habeck (s.) 1 rl, 2 so, 0 bb, 2 bv.
Points succession – Parma 001.100.0: 1 (4-0; 5 left on base); San Marino 000.100.0: 1 (3-1, 3 left on base)
THE SERIE (out of 7) – San Marino-Parmaclima 3-3 (3-1; 4-13; 1-0; 1-2, 10-4, 1-2. Race-7: Sunday at 20.20 in San Marino.

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