Home Sports Basket Feltre overwhelms Olimpiasile and wins the interprovincial title

Basket Feltre overwhelms Olimpiasile and wins the interprovincial title

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Basket Feltre overwhelms Olimpiasile and wins the interprovincial title
The Under 19 formation of Basket Feltre

Great match for coach Durighella’s Under 18 team in the final played in Silea


Read under the heading triumph. 74-42, and this would already be enough to give the idea of ​​the monstrous performance of Feltre basketball under 19, winning in the final against Olimpiasile and therefore interprovincial category champion.

The Treviso players had shown themselves to be strong and well organized in previous engagements, and furthermore Feltre was at the start with rather short rotations and a couple of battered players. Coach Durighello, however, studies the game as best he could, ordering the team to leave any entrances but to block attempts by three of the opponents. In attack, simple and reasoned actions are developed, except for some accelerated on the counterattack to get the best of the slow returns of the opponents.

Olimpiasile fails to understand how to get out of the web and is nothing, scoring only 14 points in the first half: not fourth, just the first half.

Feltre, on the other hand, attacks continuously, demonstrating a variety of solutions. The third quarter Silea has a start, promptly stopped by our team, while the last ten minutes become pure academy.

“Here ends the path of the youth of these young people”, comments the club. “Three final four and a championship dominated before the suspension for Covid: they deserved the victory. They were a great group led by a great coach. However, we cannot forget the coaches who have technically trained the boys from the minibasket onwards ».

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Feltre scoreboard: Dal Zotto 10, Mattiello 27, Piazza, Patriarca 9, Tremea, Mimiola 8, Colotti 13, Visenti 5, Dhima, Lorenzet 2, Marchet.

Coach Luca Durighello.

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