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Basket, in the Banco found there is also Mekowulu

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Final Eight, winning on Sunday is not enough to get into the top eight. Bucchi smiles, his center in Bologna has struck a blow

SASSARI. The frame that best celebrates Wednesday’s victory at PalaDozza is the hug of the whole team to Christian Mekowulu. The center of Dinamo in the center of the field after 103-84 which gave the two points against Fortitudo Bologna, and around a united group. There was also the president Stefano Sardara, to congratulate the number 21, in the odor of cutting after the disastrous performance of just last Sunday in Cremona, and found again on Wednesday together with the whole group, who after a hesitant start found himself and persistently searched for the Nigerian, the protagonist with 20 points and 8 rebounds throughout the match.

Mekowulu is there. Coach Bucchi also gave him a hand. After having chosen him for the quintet and changed after 11 minutes, in the second half of the game he never changed him, despite Diop having shown that he was there. On the other hand, the involution of a certainty like Burnell is worrying, while Gentile’s ups and downs are physiological. As always, he will find the best set-up, at the right time.

The group is there. However, it was an important group step forward, after Cremona’s backward pass.

Final eight at risk. But it is not enough to continue dreaming of a place in the Final Eight. With a day and change of recoveries from the end of the first leg, Dinamo occupies a purely theoretical ninth place, because from the fifth to the eighth all have 14 points and at 12 with the Sassari there are three companions, two of which (Brescia and Treviso) they still have to play not one but two races to line up. To enter the Italian Cup final at Dinamo would require a concatenation of astral conjunctions favorable to science fiction. The only one is that Dinamo arrive on equal points with Venice and Reggio Emilia (which they beat in the first leg) avoiding Brescia. That Sunday he plays at home with Brindisi and must recover – always in front of his fans – the match with the Pesaro side.

Now Trento. On Sunday the halfway point race is at 12 at PalaSerradimigni against Trento. With the return to 35% of the capacity, Dinamo will not be selling tickets. Yesterday coach Bucchi gave everyone a day off, today we are back to work on the pitch to prepare for the match. In the championship, coach Molin’s Eagle (third in the standings with 16 points) comes from the home defeat (81-94) against Venice, and on Wednesday in the EuroCup it was paved 97-65 by coach Obradovic’s Partizan.


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