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Basket Italy-Spain, Petrucci fury: “The best are missing, Pozzecco and the Azzurri left alone”

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Basket Italy-Spain, Petrucci fury: “The best are missing, Pozzecco and the Azzurri left alone”

Tomorrow at 9 pm the match in Pesaro against Scariolo’s Iberians for a World Cup pass. The coach: “I had to tell six guys they won’t play”

It is the eleventh time of the National team in Pesaro and President Petrucci thunders: “The best men are missing and it must not happen again”. Tomorrow, at 9 pm, the Italian national team returns to the city of Rossini after a decade and the commitment with Spain, champions of Europe and the world, is true. After the three consecutive victories last summer, the Azzurri are at the top of the Group L standings together with the Iberians from Scariolo and see the World Cup ever closer. These are the 12 players chosen by Pozzecco: Spissu, Mannion, Biligha, Tessitori, Ricci, Moraschini, Baldasso, Caruso, Vitali, Severini, Pajola, Petrucelli.

Petrucci on the attack

For the match at the Vitrifrigo Arena there is already a full house, but in the Municipality, in Pesaro, the focus was on something else: “Ours is the only national team left alone, it cannot field the best men because there are no players who are involved in the NBA and in the Euroleague. It also applies to Spain, it is true. It is not possible that this national team is so neglected and please do not make comparisons with volleyball: they are two different sports. They have much more time to prepare together. The situation is unbearable – the controversy of the number one of the Federation -. So we do not go ahead, the next call will be called all the boys even if there will be the Euroleague. The measure is full. We will act to the end, Pozzecco is He was left alone. We have rules and those who do not come to the national team do not play the following Sunday, otherwise measures will be taken. We are alone, we would not want to stay there forever “.

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The 12 of Pozzecco

Here he is, the national team coach Gianmarco Pozzecco: “The president protects me, I protect my players. I cannot accept that they live in uncertainty, that they are forced to make choices that do not compete with them. Polonara has lost the chance to see his son. born between one match and another, just for a sense of brotherhood that was created in the team. I have to beg for the presence of some players or argue to make it clear that having them available helps the movement. There are no integrity and sporting equity, nations that have athletes in the Euroleague experience a sort of discrimination and playing in this period is complicated. On Monday I made some summons but for an early Euroleague match I had the opportunity to have other players as well. Today I had to tell six guys that they won’t play tomorrow. ” They are Tonut who has not joined, Spaniard who has returned home, Woldetensae, Moretti, Diouf and Akele who remain available.

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