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Basket, Treviso at the debut: «Let’s get our claws out. Free mind “

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Basket, Treviso at the debut: «Let’s get our claws out.  Free mind “

It begins. Treviso and Reggiana inaugurate tonight the 101st edition of the top Italian basketball championship. A perfect occult direction sent to Palaverde the team of the coach, Menetti, who gave way to the current TVb, that Nicola who in turn is a former player from Reggio, even if in 2006 he only played one game. Beyond the intersections, there is a great desire to see a team at work that, for reasons of European Championships, late arrivals and injuries, was only able to train fully this week.

It is a Nutribullet that therefore still has an enigmatic, poorly defined appearance, so it will be necessary to discover it race after race, taking into account that we are at the debut, therefore with the obvious margins for improvement that are given to each team at the beginning of October. The friendlies were useful tests above all to refine the physical condition and the technical-tactical situation, but now we don’t mess around anymore, every time there will be heavy points at stake.


“I am satisfied with how things have gone in these days – declares coach Marcelo – we have deepened the knowledge between players: we knew that for a while we would not have the two national teams, that Banks would arrive after 10 days and some ailments must be put in place. in the estimate. After the preparatory friendly matches, now we start to really play ».

“And I have no doubts that we have to grow, the automatisms are not at their best: it will take patience but, in the meantime, let’s get our claws out: what we still won’t be able to do must be replaced with a good dose of malice and grit, physicality and competitive spirit “. What value can that 77-99 defeat in Rovigo have? «Those were two quite different teams from today, we and they both have a few more players. But I believe that on our part it is better to think about ourselves, try to put all the work done up to this moment into play. The team is in good condition, everyone is fine including Banks and everyone has a great desire to start sharing this moment with the fans ».

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What kind of basketball will we see from this Treviso Basket? «In attack, mind free to play with joy, in defense a lot of aggression. As for Reggio they have versatile longs, able to play in and out of the area, with a Cinciarini who knows how to manage the pace well and others with points in their hands. Beware of one-on-one ». You are a man of the world, but will you feel a little emotion? «I try it every day that I go to the gym to improve my players: I’m happy with what I do, basketball is my life. I will make sure that the emotion is transformed into positive energy ».


Always absent Strautins, Menetti recovers Olisevicius (perhaps on the bench) and Funderburk. Cinciarini yesterday attended the wife who Virginia gave him in the clinic. Coach Max will of course be rewarded tonight before the jump to duo: «For me these have been four wonderful years: unforgettable moments, people and matches, an all-encompassing experience. And I also take this opportunity to greet the Treviso press, with which I have always had a wonderful relationship. And it occurs to me that this year I will play first at Palaverde and then in Reggio … There are two points of reference in Treviso: Sokolowski, whom I naturally know well, and Banks, but Jantunen is also an interesting player. Then there is a good battery of young people, I really like Sarto and Faggian. Ultimately Nutribullet is a good mix of youth and experience ».


PLAYED IN: Palaverde di Villorba, 8.30 pm. NUTRIBULLET: Iroegbu, Banks, Sokolowski, Sorokas, Cooke. Available Sarto, Zanelli, Jurkatamm, Jantunen, Faggian, Vettori, Simioni. Herdsman Nicola. UNAHOTELS: Cinciarini, Robertson, Funderburk, Reuvers, Hopkins. Available Olisevicius, Vitali, Diouf, Anim, Stefanini, Cipolla. All. Menetti. REFEREES: Attard, Quarta, Pepponi. MEDIA: Live web streaming on Eleven Sports with subscription; live TV on Eurosport 2.

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