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Basketball: A spokesman for the BBL reveals the strangest stories

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Basketball: A spokesman for the BBL reveals the strangest stories

Basketball Senior Spokesman

scandals? – “There was someone there who hurt me personally”

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Thorsten Vogt was the media director of the Bamberg basketball team for a long time. During this time, the spokesman experienced a lot that he can now talk about after his departure

Those: pa/Ryan Evans

A spokesman is as close to the team as few employees in professional sports. Thorsten Vogt is the longest-serving head of media in the Bundesliga. As a farewell, Vogt reports on curious anecdotes from his career, including undiscovered scandals.

Thorsten Vogt was the longest-serving spokesman for the basketball Bundesliga. Now he is leaving the Bamberg basketball team. He goes into free enterprise. For WELT, Vogt looks back on eleven years in the league and names his personal highs and lows.

The most beautiful experience

“Certainly all the championships, the cup wins, the three titles in a row. The most impressive title and therefore probably the best experience was winning the 2019 cup. It came completely unexpected.”

The nicest player

“But Nikos Zisis will always be remembered. The man had achieved everything, but he knew exactly how to behave towards everyone. A quality that unfortunately doesn’t exist very often anymore.”

Bamberg’s Nikos Zisis (r.) 2019 in the final of the BBL Cup against Alba Berlin’s Peyton Siva

What: pa/NurPhoto/Alexander Pohl

The nicest coach

“That’s certainly Oren Amiel, with whom I’ll be in regular contact even after my departure.”

The most embarrassing press conference

“A PK following our defeat against Oldenburg. There, the coach at the time launched a sweeping attack and, above all, personally insulted Kenny Ogbe. You sit there and at first you don’t really know what’s going on.”

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The most chaotic away trip

“We had a trip to Nymburk in the Czech Republic. First the bus got stuck in the mud on the way to the hotel, then the beds were covered with hair – to make matters worse we lost. But there was more chaotic travel. A trip to Kosovo – a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with no working heating, but still warmer than the hall we had to play in. Due to entry restrictions during the Corona period, we once had to play a home game in Bosnia – another novelty.”

The scandal the press missed

“There were a few there. One that hurt me personally: We used to have all-you-can-eat cards at a fast-food restaurant. But they were taken away from us after two years because there were two players who went there twice a day with the whole family to eat.”

The “special” player

“Quincy Miller probably went down as the most expensive mistake in Bamberg’s basketball history, because as a higher earner he was only on the floor for a few minutes in one game. The fact that he wasn’t the brightest candle on the cake was already evident at the training camp in Croatia, where he actually managed to forget his shoes several times.”

Robin Benzing from s.Oliver Würzburg in a duel with Quincy Miller (right) from Brose Bamberg

Source: pa/HMB Media/Heiko Becker

The most complicated trainer

“They are all complicated. One more, the other less. But I am convinced that at a certain level they are all similarly difficult. In fact, a Chris Fleming could be just as choleric as an Andrea Trinchieri.”

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The craziest special requests

“In Italy, the color purple is frowned upon because coffins are lined with it. Therefore, in our ‘Italian’ time, we had to swap dining and conference rooms because the walls in one room were purple and the carpets in the other room.”

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The biggest change that burst

“In 2011, during the NBA lockout, we asked Dirk Nowitzki. But in the end it didn’t come about. In the recent past there was a case where a Czech international had already signed with us but his agent forgot to inform his current club. Therefore, the PM (Press release, note d. editor) finished – but the change did not take place.”

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The item was written for the sports competence center (WELT, SPORT BILD, BILD) and first published in “Sport Bild”.

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