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Basketball, Euroleague. Milan, yet another flop: even Villeurbanne moves to the Forum. 73-79

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Basketball, Euroleague.  Milan, yet another flop: even Villeurbanne moves to the Forum.  73-79

Davies’ 26 points are not enough for Messina’s team: the AX lose 79-73 and thus sadly remain at the bottom of the standings

Bitter home defeat for AX Milano who falls at the Forum against Asvel, 73-79. Complex match for Milan often forced to chase De Colo and his companions, a great Davies at Olimpia is not enough, Mathews is the factor that extinguishes the red and white comeback in the final.

The race

Start of the challenge at a slow trot, first good news for Milan the two premature fouls of the host Fall totem. However, the initial acute is from Asvel (who came from five defeats in a row), the 5 spun points of the former Cremona inspire the 0-7 of the transalpines. The AX slips to minus 9 with coach Messina who shakes his hands with the first timeout, Luwawu-Cabarrot breaks the ice from the line, 2-9. Noua from the corner gives the triple of the double-digit margin, Olimpia seems a prisoner more of her fears than of the value of the opponent, 4-14. The Italian champions are trying to draw new life from their defense, signs of life after the comfortable support of Melli, 8-14. The impact of Davies who finds valuable baskets and free throws is important, the red and white defensive pressure paralyzes the French, Luwawu-Cabarrot is the protagonist of the comeback which is equal to 14. Now Milan plays with tranquility and less frenzy, Tonut puts the bomb of overtaking, 5 points from Kahudi keep the transalpines ahead at the first siren, 17-19. The host flame continues and they return to more than 7 again with Kahudi in evidence, the Asvel veteran always lethal from the arc, 24-31. Olimpia still relies on the Davies Luwawu-Cabarrot tandem, another partial counter sealed by Hall for minus 2, 31-33. The Milanese attack was more fluid and effective than in the first quarter, Hines and Davies tied for 35 points. Final of the quarter in favor of coach TJ Parker’s men, De Colo from the corner for the buzzer beater by the plus 5 at halftime, 37-42.

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Coach Messina’s troop tightens the defensive screws after the long break, roar of Brandon Davies for the new minus 1, 45-46. The ex from Varese never stops and puts the arrow on for the hosts, 51-48. The AX runs and keeps the pace of the match very high, Asvel accuses the blow and clings only to Mathews, 57-57 at the penultimate siren. The push that seems decisive for the Italian champions at the start of the fourth period, Hines is the engine of the Milanese escape, 62-57. An unsportsmanlike character pinned to the ex CSKA himself gives new inertia to the Lyonnais, Fall makes his centimeters felt in the colored area, 62-64. The fourth foul by the Senegalese center changes the scenario of the match again, De Colo derails but Noua gives the guests the plus 3, 66-69. Battle climate with the transalpines wasting two important possessions, but Milan runs out of petrol and lucidity. Two important plays by Tyus and Mathews, Melli’s latest assault doesn’t score, Obasohan closes from the charity line.

AX MILAN: Davies 26, Luwawu-Cabarrot 16, Hall 12

ASVEL VILLEURBANNE: Mathews 17, De Colo 13, Kahudi and Fall 10

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