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Basketball, Serie A: 1st day results. Milan with the thrill

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Basketball, Serie A: 1st day results.  Milan with the thrill

Success in the sprint for Olimpia: a decisive block from Melli. Venice and Verona also start off on the right foot

The Serie A championship started today. Here’s how the first day went


Milan starts off on the right foot, but what a pain. Nicolò Melli’s block on Kenny Gabriel and John Petrucelli’s three-pointers prevent Olimpia from a defeat on their debut in the league that seemed to take shape after 30 minutes.

After the first two quarters in balance, with a maximum advantage of 4 points for both teams, Brescia dominates the third set: with an 11-0 he takes the game in hand. At the beginning of the last quarter, the lead becomes Melli and Olimpia begins to find heavy baskets. The comeback is inexorable: 7 ‘from the end the draw arrives with an 11-0. Petrucelli puts the triple of -3 15 seconds from the end and Pangos scores only one free on 2. Melli’s block and Petrucelli’s final mistake are decisive.


With a test of enormous character, Tortona is unleashed in the last quarter and recovered a gap that Trento had kept on 15 points for most of the race, thus winning 76-70 in his seasonal debut. The comeback was decisive, with a large amount of steals and an amazing hand at the 3-pointer for Filloy (4/8), with Christon in the role of leading driver.

But in the first half, for Ramondino’s team it was the middle of the night: many errors under the basket, bad situation with rebounds, which for 3/4 of the game were half of those won by the Tridentini. The bianconeri tried to penetrate the area but the painted player was perfectly chaired by Molin’s men, who after 4 ‘are already +5, then two three-point games by Flaccadori and Grazjulis bring the gap to 15 after the first quarter, 14 -25, which also weighs on the negative impact of Radosevic, who rebounds 4 points in one minute. It closes 14-25. Filloy tries to shake his, Harper commits enormous naivety, at 17 ‘a highly spectacular minute with four triples by Severini, Lockett, Daum and Flaccadori. 29-44 at the long break and for Tortona it is very complicated. In the third period Tortona tries to shake himself up and return to the single-digit gap: he succeeds in the middle of the quarter but the triple on Forray’s direna risks making every desire pass, for the 53-66. In the last period Christon blows up the sports hall, for -5 with 4 ‘to play. Filloy, however, is the hero of the comeback with two triples in 30 ” for 70-70 with 2’23 ” from the end. And exactly 1 ‘from the end, after excellent circulation actions, Daum marks the overtaking, punished by two free throws from Cain and as many Christons for the +6 with which Tortona wins the game. (Stefano Brocchetti)

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Tortona 76 (Christon 18, Filloy and Daum 15); Trento 70 (Flaccadori 19, Grazjulis 17, Atkins 12)


7463 days have passed since that April 27, 2002 when Scaligera Basket won with Udine, but then had to say goodbye to Serie A due to bankruptcy. 20 years later, Verona celebrates the return to the top league by beating Brindisi in the extra 100-97 in a match that gave so many emotions to the Palaolimpia audience, starting with the return home of the trophies that had ended up at auction after the failure: the Cup Italy in ’91, the Super Cup in ’96, the Allievi championship in ’99. For the Korac won in 1998, the Pedrollo family club requested a copy from Fiba. Wayne Selden scored a triple with 1 second from the end of the overtime after a long match commanded by the hosts with the Apulian 9-2 at the start, and the 12-0 Veronese counterbreak. Tezenis ahead of 14 just before the interval, closed at 51-39 with Karvel Anderson leading: 15 points in the middle of the game. In the second half Brindisi raises the percentages and lowers those of the Venetians and returns with a series of plays by Marcquise Reed in a partial 12-0 closed by a triple from Riismaa for overtaking at 67-65. In the last quarter the Happy Casa climbs up to 77-72, Verona hooks up with Cappelletti and Selden, but in the final sprint he doesn’t capitalize on an unsportsmanlike 15 “from the siren: Taylor Smith (moreover close to the double double) misses two free, Anderson misses the last shot (89-89). In extra time, the Veronese motivations and Selden’s offensive talent make the difference. (Anna Perlini)

Verona: Selden 25, Anderson 21, Cappelletti 17. Brindisi: Perkins 20, Etou 16, Redd 15 for the people of Brindisi.


Excellent debut for Umana (80-69) with a superb Willis (23 points, 6 rebounds), Scafati who also slips to -20 (50-70), but ends up head to head in the return to Serie A. Julyan Stone, a milestone of Reyer who has won the last few seasons, who married in the summer in Scafati, applause and ovations for the great ex. Human without the unavailable Parks (injured) and Moraschini (disqualified until 20 October). Stone is unleashed at the start (7 points), Thompson takes over Watt under the basket, Scafati runs away (12-18). Spissu, after the time-out, joins Granger, Bramos shows up with a triple (15-18), Rossi sends the Rossato from Mestre to the parquet. Human messing up in attack (21-25), when Stone rifiata Scafati falls. Spissu inspires, Bramos finalizes (27-27), then the Sassari player brings Venice forward (30-29), Umana extends (37-29) with a break of 22-6. Rossi finds in Lamb and Rossato the terminals of the ascent (37-32), Willis and Brooks push back the newly promoted (42-34). Mid-game with Reyer ahead by 8 points (45-37) with Willis’s basket from halfway. Umana starts again with determination (51-39), Willis is in every corner of the pitch, Tessitori more concrete than Watt against Thompson (55-41), Scafati tries to react when Stone is turned on again (55-45). Brooks flashes of quality, a match that Reyer has under control (58-47), Givova without countermeasures for the former Badalona, ​​thunderous applause when De Raffaele calls him to catch his breath. Inertia in the hands of Reyer (67-50 at the third siren) with Scafati held at 25 points (at 46) in the two central quarters Umana trying to “freeze” the recovery, after Granger’s triple (70-50), a game that it stops when the scoreboard scores 123-123 at 8’14 “from the end, being reset to zero. Rossato (14 points) feels the air of home, Givova goes back up (70-62), then Tessitori is unleashed, triggered by Spissu and Granger, Umana breathes (76-62) and closes without suffering (Michele Contessa).

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Venezia: Willis 23, Tessitori 12, Freeman 10 Rossato 14, Thompson 14, Stone 11, Pinkins 11


Two shovels, to which Trieste responded in the first half thanks to the talent of Frank Gaines, at the third Pesaro demolishes his opponent by passing with a large and deserved 100-74 on the Allianz Dome parquet. Despite the absences of Delfino and Charalampopoulos, Repesa’s team dominated the game, leading from the initial 3-0 signed by Moretti and deserving a success which, with six men in double figures, confirms the excellent team structure set up this season. In Trieste, Lever’s injury cannot be enough to justify the collapse. A defeat that must make us think. First quarter of the race in which, after a balanced start, Pesaro gradually takes over the reins of the race. Mazzola’s two fouls force Repesa to change the chemistry of his quintet but Kravic, with the support of Moretti and Tambone, signs the first extension from the Marches. He first catches on 11-17 with Abdur-Rahkman, then on 14-22 with Tambone before 18-27 with which the first ten minutes end. Two baskets from Totè for the maximum advantage of Pesaro, at 20-33 Gaines wakes up who takes Trieste by the hand and brings it back, to the sound of baskets, in the match. The 15 points of the American guard mend the tear, Legovich’s formation returns to 32-35 in the middle of the second quarter, returns to the locker room at 44-47, making a mistake with Davis for the triple of the possible draw. Call and response Moretti-Davis for the 52-55 at the beginning of the third quarter. Pesaro regains command of operations and, dragged by Abdur-Rahkman, back in double figures ahead of 54-65. It is the beginning of the progressive ride that leads the Carpegna to progressively extend its advantage. Trieste tries to react but in the end it is forced to raise the white flag re-emitting a really heavy passive. (Lorenzo Gatto)

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Trieste: Gaines 23, Davis, Bartley 12 Pesaro: Abdur-Rahkman 21, Kravic 20, Moretti 19


With a double from Jaron Johnson (20 points and 10 rebounds for 28 evaluation) and a high-profile fluidity of play, where the 13 points of the Ross-Brown duo and the 10 of a Caruso in constant growth also stand out, Varese beats a Sassari for which the effective proof of the Onuake and Diop centers was not enough. At the start, the poor shooting percentages of the home team allow Robinson to bring Sassari to + 7 (8-15 at 6 ‘), but Caruso’s graft and Johnson’s intensity revive the quintet of coach Brase who , with the baskets of captain Ferrero and De Nicolao, he scores a 15-2 run to close the first quarter on +6 (23-17). Dinamo then relies on the physicality of Onuaku (7/9 and 15 points in the first half) to earn a new profit margin (24-29 at 13 ‘). With the third foul of the center Owens, the Openjobmetis tries the zone and a reassured Ross after the initial errors puts the home attack back on track (34-33 at 17 ‘), which gains the maximum advantage at the start of the second half (+8 52-44 at 24’10 “). It is not enough, because the defensive intensity of this new Openjobmetis puts Dowe and his teammates in difficulty (without the injured Gentile), who in the middle of the third quarter slip to -14 (60-46 at 26’30 “) and then to -15 on Ferrero’s triple at 30 ‘(70-55). With Onuaku out for 5 fouls, it’s up to Bendzius and an excellent Diop to mend (81-77 at 37’22 “). A very lucid De Nicola, with three very thick defensive plays, however, gives success to Masnago’s 4 thousand. (Antonio Franzi)

Varese: Johnson 20, Ross 15, Brown 14 Sassari: Robinson 18, Onuake 17, Bendzius and Diop 13

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