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Basketball, the ko with Turin does not weigh on morale. Zanchi: “We will show that we know how to stay on the pitch”

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The headmaster Zanchi looks at him and how the report of the second day of the Super Cup, a practice not recommended for games that are basically friendly with a pinch of extra spicy sauce. And for his students in the rossoblù, despite returning from a -13 in Turin and the mathematical elimination from the finals, he has words that seem to be slapped on the back: “We have to start from behind, it’s clear – that’s his post-match comment, thinking to the defensive enthusiasm of the Bonprix dressed in demon-possessed red -. We kept Turin, one of the greats of this championship, at 67 points. Then we have never seen the basket. But I have a team that is nice to coach ».

Optimism, in short, does not fade with the two defeats in the first official derby matches. Also because the extenuating circumstances are not lacking: «We are far behind, we are not complete, Bianchi is still missing, who is recovering and we have not fielded an American – analyzes the coach -. Anyone who has seen the game has noticed that we have no games yet, only movements. Now we have to insert the players slowly ». If Cromer remained on the sidelines once again, Steven Davis began by showing how much the points-rich hands of a foreigner can help a Biella who had his main flaw in shooting accuracy at the Pala Gianni Asti: with the physique of a ‘small wing and explosive ankles that make it rise high, it also has a soft enough hand to hit from long range. In an evening with 25% from three and with shots also well built but spit from the iron, his 2/5 from the bow was a breath of fresh air. With the rate of points that Cromer can guarantee, the team can make sense. For now Zanchi admires the strengths and promises battle: «We don’t lack heart. Now we have to add something more, because it is said that we cannot stand this category. The challenge, on the other hand, will be to demonstrate that we can stay on the pitch ».

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