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Basketball, Virtus wins their sixth in a row

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Basketball, Virtus wins their sixth in a row

Sixth success in a row for Virtus Ragusa who beat Bim Bum Basket Rende by 100-76 and closed the first round with a record of 9 wins and 2 losses.

On the eleventh day of Interregional Serie B championship, Virtus tames the Calabrians, stretching already in the first quarter and never looking back. Even if the opponents deserve credit for having tried to the end.

Gaetano scores six points of Ragusa’s first ten and controls the initial euphoria of the guests (10-8). Five points from Cioppa and a counterattack closed by Brown force Carbone into the first time-out and turn the game’s momentum. Virtus often closes at the rim and attacks the area well, reaching +13 with Vavoli’s basket from the mid-corner. Sorrentino’s triple from eight meters is a spectacle for the eyes and at the end of the first set Rende is doubled: 32-16. At the start of the second set, triples rained: Sorrentino, Epifani and Simon pushed Virtus to 45-26 in the 16th minute. When Piscetta scores the first points of the evening, his team has already reached 50 points. Vavoli makes a loud statement in attacking rebounds, Brown jokes the opposing defense (13 points in the 20th minute) and at the long interval Ragusa leads: 58 -36.

The match is downhill, but Virtus returns well from the locker room and is not distracted. Brown is a spectacle across the court: the 68-42 nailing exalts PalaPadua. The guest’s resistance is entrusted to Markovic’s baskets and the methodical application of the three-two zone which fails to contain the Ragusa attack. However, the match still has something to tell. Ragusa, perfect up to that point, takes her foot off the accelerator and Rende achieves a 16-4 partial which brings her back to -16. The visiting defense grows in intensity, dirtying the passing lines and complicating the Virtussian attacks, taking away certainties from Recupido’s boys. Rende continues to nibble away at points, climbing up to -13, but never falling below the double-digit deficit. A couple of good constructions by Brown and Calvi close the contest. For the Milanese big man also a strong scare after a bad fall on the parquet following a dunk.

“The balance of this first round is excellent – ​​says coach Recupido at the end of the match -. There were two defeats against top-level teams, and this made us grow. I believe we are at 60 percent of our potential. The second round will be much more challenging, the teams are starting to get to know each other and for a couple of weeks I’ve been trying to keep the boys under pressure. Even today, however, we demonstrated that we are still not capable of maintaining concentration for 40 minutes. We also missed a couple of open shots against the zone and were no longer able to move the ball with the same confidence as before. These are situations to work on.”

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This is the scoreboard:

Power Ragusa-Bim Bum Basket Score 100-76

The power of Ragusa: Brown 26, Piscetta 2, Epifani 5, Cioppa 8, Simon 7, Cascone, Vavoli 16, Sorrentino 11, Gaetano 16, Mirabella, Calvi 9. All.: Recupido

Bim Bum Basket Grater: Cersosimo 2, Gatta 14, Hajrovic 6, Bisceglie 13, Markovic 19, Festinese 14, Guido, Tomic ne, Guzzo 8, Carravetta. All.: Carbone

Referees: Cappello from Porto Empedocle and Tartamella from Trapani

Partial: 32-16; 58-36; 74-58.

Note: Out for five fouls: Gaetano (V)

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