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Basketball: Why Bonn can really win the Champions League – Basketball

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Basketball: Why Bonn can really win the Champions League – Basketball

Let’s not fool ourselves: We are in the European associationBasketball not (yet) a great power.

German clubs have won four titles at European level so far. In the Euroleague, FC Bayern and Alba Berlin finished 15th and 16th this season, far from the play-offs. In the Champions League, the greatest success is the third place of the MHP giants Ludwigsburg last year.

So do Telekom Baskets Bonn really have a chance in the final four of the Champions League this weekend (all games live on SPORT BILD.de)?

YES! SPORT BILD explains why the people from Bonn REALLY are serious contenders for the title.


The magenta magicians just flew through the main round of the easycredit Bundesliga this season! 32 wins in 34 games, most recently an impressive 84:77 against Alba, the champions of the past three years.

The Baskets are now taking this self-confidence into the Final Four. Coach Tuomas Iisalo (40): “Tenerife, Jerusalem and Malaga are just below Alba and Bayern in terms of level. You only need two wins in the Champions League.” But he also warns: “One bad day can ruin everything.”

In the semi-finals, hosts Malaga are expected to be the strongest opponents. Alba manager Marco Baldi: “That’s absolute Euroleague level.” Conversely, if Bonn wins this game, then EVERYTHING is possible.


He is the best player in the BBL this season, was voted by far the most valuable player (MVP): TJ Shorts (25).

The Bonn game revolves around him, which is why coach Iisalo speaks of a “heliocentric system”. TJ Shorts – the sun in the Bonn game – distributes the balls, but also likes to pull to the basket himself and hit safely from a distance.

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He has 17.8 points and 7.7 assists per game. “He’s so fast and strong at dribbling that he can’t be stopped by any opponent in the BBL,” says ex-national player and Magenta TV expert Denis Wucherer (49). Shorts is also the biggest in Bonn in the Champions League.


Horror at 420 kilos
Weightlifters break their knees!

Source: EPF

surprise power

But Bonn isn’t just TJ Shorts.

“In every game someone else becomes a surprise egg,” says President Wolfgang Wiedlich. “Against Alba it was Tyson Ward, before that Sebastian Herrera.” In addition, center Leon Kratzer (26) is playing the best season of his career, veteran Karsten Tadda (34) is experiencing his third spring. “We have a good mix of throwers, athletes, big and small people,” says youngster Zach Ensminger (22).

Coach Iisalo explains: “We are a strong collective. Players 1 to 12 show incredible commitment. We have a very broad roster this year and balanced line-ups. Even without TJ, we’re dangerous. The level doesn’t go down when TJ is on the bench. This is our greatest strength. We have very strong line-ups for 40 minutes.”

SPORT BILD is committed: If Telekom Baskets Bonn bring their strengths to the court, German club basketball will celebrate its greatest success since Alba’s sensational victory in the Korac Cup in 1995.

All games of the Final Four will be shown in the free live stream on BILD and SPORT BILD! This is the schedule for the weekend:

You can watch these games live

Semifinals: Friday 12 May 2023

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5.30pm: Tenerife vs Jerusalem

8.30 p.m .: Malaga vs. Bonn

Final and 3rd place match: Sunday 14 May 2023

5 p.m.: Match for 3rd place

8 p.m.: Final

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